Topic: Robot Bonuses

From what i understand you get the Robot Bonus up to x10?
So for example 5% more laser damage will be 50% at max lvl?
And that is one huge bonus! to much if you ask me.
So if we would change that to 2% 'which will be more than enough'' then people wouldent be so forced to just use laser on that mec? sure you loose 20% damage 'at max lvl'if you change weapon type, but you can live without that.
Also you can add multiple weapon bonuses at some mecs.
So for example 2% Laser damage and 2% range on missiles?

So this will make players mix around alot more with the setups and it wouldent be so obvious what setup the mecs come with.

well just an thought

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Re: Robot Bonuses

I can see where you're coming from but the robot bonuses are fine as they are. Getting to 10x bonus is pretty expensive and while the bonus is nice it doesn't mean you win/lose depending on your level.

Most, if not all, robots have the ability to fit most equipment but are heavily inefficient. The way the game balances out is that in 2 months you can be reasonable with one faction and their weapon of choice. 6 months you can either be very skilled in that faction or have access to all the factions to an equal level. The idea is that Thelodica robots use lasers and while you're not forced to it's heavily implied that they don't use anything else.

Sometimes trying to get yourself more DPS by filling every slot is the worst idea. It will mean that your other fittings are lacking or you have to spend more EP in multiple areas and miss out of cheaper and more effective bonuses.

For example a Kain with two medium launchers is okay but it has a greatly reduced speed and the fitting requirement are very high. The launcher receives no bonuses so you don't feel like you're missing out on a bonus and you can be just as effect with missiles as without them. You can also save EP and use it later down the line once you're maxed out on one path. It's all about expandability, time it takes to achieve the perfect plateau.