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so i have two mechs in a station and want to move both of them to another station. How do I do it?  I can't move one, have my spark get out and go back for the first. There is also no cheap little bot i can use to move my spark around, that i know of at least.  Would hate to have dump 400,000 on a throw away bot just to move stuff.  Suppose I could resell it afterwards but just seems like a pain and you could wind up having to buy several of them if your trying to move a lot of bots.

And what if there's no bots for sale at the outpost your trying to move to? Just can't be done then?

Something like the Eve shuttle would be really nice.  Make it so you can't recycle them to avoid the problems that eve had with em.

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i think you are looking for the Sequer assault robot.

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5 days of EP required for that.  what if someone doesn't want a sequer? And the sequer is slow. 

Does moving robots really need to be that much trouble?

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ask to your corp
ask to a mercenary corporation wink
cry for help tongue

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It seems the difficulty of moving large quantities of anything is meant to be painful without a Sequer, or a fleet of them.

Logistics and supply become an important facet of keeping a corp equipped. There will probably be big money to be made from buy and sell orders at outposts, which gives industry characters another way to make a living, other than hugging Alpha terminals and mass producing.

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What you need is a transportation company. I think this was a way people made money in EVE (although it was a target for scammers who would offer courier contracts then suicide gank the transporter and claim the deposit).

Why we need some kind of contract/deposit system.

And just look at this fail beta.  What the *** is a beta that doesn't crash?  The Npc's don't warp, characters don't get stuck in terrain, graphics don't glitch. I mean sersiously!  What are the Dev's smoking?  Another fail from the fail devs. Original post by Hadouken