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Is there any way to switch ammo types on the fly that doesn't involve using a drop down menu on every weapon? i can't find one. its extremely cumbersome and time consuming doing it this way.

Maybe an option on ammo in cargo hold?

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And how would that option then work? As a dropdown menu too? So that instead of clicking the module, you have to open the cargo window?..

Please elaborate smile

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That would be an awesome idea. Right click the ammo in the cargo and go to "Reload all". Would solve a lot of hassles I have when changing from PVP to PVE ammo. Thread should be renamed "Changing ammo" for clarity sake.

A keyboard bind would work but just have one and it work by either reloading all weapons or if you have an ammo selected in the cargo and press the button it would reload all with that ammo. Same feature but without the right click and added keyboard bind for speed.

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Have 2 hotkeys bound to "reload all [type a]" and "reload all [type b]"  that you can bind on the fly (think hotkeys in RTS games) by something like dragging the ammo to a special slot in your modules UI.  You can then have 2 instantly ready ammo types, and could even simply load a 3rd after that so you have 3 options available at quick notice.

But yes, a right click "reload all" on the ammo itself in your cargo would be AMAZING.

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Ideally a hotbar system with drag and drop preloading and remappable hotkeys, but for now just an option on the ammo's dropdown would be great.

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just display another window which display the ammo for the weapons you have like the modules window and then you just have to click on the ammo you want to load in all the weapon, the must have, the choice between the weapon to load ^^ (drag and drop from the ammo window to the modules window)

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It would also be very helpful if ammo was split evenly across the different guns when reloading. In the case where you have less ammo in the cargo than fits in your guns, it often occurs that some guns get a lot of ammo and the others nothing. Annoying since there's no manual way to give each gun a part of the ammo either sad