Topic: game freeze and crash

severity : critical
repeatable : always
setting : all graphic settings tested

Every time I logged into the game, it freeze after a delay (1-2 minutes) then crash.
Even if i do nothing the game crashed with a BSOD (speaking about atikmdiag.sys) after a longer delay (5 minutes).
I can hardly move my mouse and can only do one action at a time and with a 10 second delay.
The screen display one image by 10 seconds and flick as if changing resolution.
If I let the game running to see what happen, the screen flashes and the sound sizzles and sometime the game crashed and launches the bug report window but still being in a very slow strobe mode.
but most of the time, i have to hard reboot my PC to return to a normal situation
another point, in the Windows Task Manager -> performance : the game starts to have a memory leak and nearly used 2Gb

I can provide further information like dxdiag if necessary.

PC configuration :

Alienware area-51
CPU : intel i7 x980 3.3
RAM : 6Go 1600
HDD : RAID 0 300Go 10kTr
CG : CF ATI 5970 2Go
CS : Creative X-FI elite PRO
Display : DEll 20" for the Game + dell 17" for sub-soft
Windows 7 64bits pro
all drivers are uptodate

Re: game freeze and crash

It's ATI. This game doesn't like ATI at the best of times. Driver issue by the look of it.
It's a well down issue amongst ATI users. Honestly I don't think the game devs could fix if they tried. Anything is possible though. Still waiting for a good ATI drive. Great hardware and terrible drivers.

Few questions:
Fullscreen or Window mode? Both?

Re: game freeze and crash

Maybe just try an older driver package for the ATI users with problems. I am still using the old Catalyst 8.10 (because of some problems with other games) and getting no real problems with perpetuum.

In your case the first catalyst version to support your hardware seems to be 9.12.

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Re: game freeze and crash

I totally agree with the fact that ATI makes really poor drivers or use of their impressive hardware.
But I've never encountered such problems with any other previous games (beta or not).

and symptoms (memory leak,...) tend to prove to be an incompatibility issue between the game and the ATI drivers (or hardware).
I think the game is developed and optimized on Nvidia and needs to be tuned for ATI.

For the older drivers, some other games use the improvements incorporated in the  newer releases, so i can't downgrade.

I really hope that the dev team can do something, cause at this time i can't beta test (play ;-) at all.

Re: game freeze and crash

We'll be checking the issue out, but the problem is that if we're using the D3D API error free (which we're going to have a look at and fix if not) and the issue still persist then it's a driver problem which we have no control over.

One question, does this happen on the login screen/in the terminal, or only when deployed to the terrain?

Re: game freeze and crash

don't know for sure but it seems to happen only when deployed.

i rarely watch the login screen for so long ;-)
I'd run a test in the evenig and let the game run on the login screen, then on the caracter screen.

thx for the reply.

edit : P.S. I will post on the ATI bug thread.

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Re: game freeze and crash

DEV BoyC wrote:

One question, does this happen on the login screen/in the terminal, or only when deployed to the terrain?

Deploying to Terrain for me. I think I've been able to "Deploy to Terrain" twice (out of numerous tries before crashing) since the patch and the few times I did it was very unstable.

Re: game freeze and crash

The client crashes when teleporting or deploying anyway. This is not related to the ATI issue. However random crashes are related (I know someone that gets that all the time) and UI flickering is also releated to the ATI issue.

Re: game freeze and crash

I'm pleased to announce that since the last patch the game run smoothly big_smile
I haven't tested all the mechanisms yet (like TP) but movements, combats, UI, Chat,... are running well without glitch, crash...

Ive been able to play for nearly 2 hours without issue.

thx for the reactivity cool