Topic: HalfAwake

I'd like to take a few moments to introduce HalfAwake to the Perpetuum Community.  HalfAwake has been a gaming organization active in many different genres of online games over the past 2 years.  We are a very close-knit group of gamers that have stuck together through the ever changing topography of online gaming.  We have just recently decided to form a Corporation here in Perpetuum, and look forward to being an active component of this community.  As soon as we are able we will be active in all aspects of the game (Yes, this includes PVP.)

What we have to offer to our members:

  • A Website (Our site for Perpetuum is still under construction, but I am working as fast as I can for a quick completion.)

  • Corporation Forums

  • Ventrilo (Highly encouraged, as it is our main means of communication.)

  • A close community of gamers

  • A very active community both in and out of game

  • A stable community that's been around for over 2 years

For more information feel free to send myself a message or contact me in game.

Re: HalfAwake

On behalf of Menace to Society. Welcome to perpetuum. And we hope to see you in future engagements. (Once you have built up numbers and bots of course.) The more players the better things get.