Topic: Landmark Filter: Targeting/Targeted Always Show

Add an option to the filter list (or a toggle option, not sure if the filter function would work correctly) to show any target that is currently targeting you or being targeted by you.

You may have some things turned off in the landmark list to avoid clutter, but if something un-tracked targets you, you hear the sound but you cant tell what it is until you re-enable it on your landmarks.

The filter wouldnt take away things being targeted when they are already visible, but just turn off or on the option to show targeted landmarks when they are not currently visible.

Re: Landmark Filter: Targeting/Targeted Always Show

situational awareness on a situational basis.


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Re: Landmark Filter: Targeting/Targeted Always Show

I like the sound of this as well, as some people (such as myself, play without sound and rather rely on visual cues, that auditory). Having something like this would enhance my own situationa awareness somewhat.