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I have been unable to find a comprehensive list of missions with their corresponding Data Console box names.

I want to know which corporation I need to grind up my approval with so that I can be offered a mission that drops a certain box on a spawn I like to grind(might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone right?). Is there such a list anywhere?

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If a bot can be killed for a data console, they will drop that console when killed whether you have the mission or not.

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Good question Rourke, Is there a list somewhere of mission names and what corps offer them?

Thanto, he says he is getting the boxes, but cannot find the missions which correspond to the box names. Since they are not offered to him I think that means he must grind up his approval with a corporation to get it offered and thus he is asking for the list so he knows what corp to grind.

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I do not believe such a list has been made. yet.

I do know that you can make a rough guess based on what island you're farming on, and the difficulty of the mob.

each outpost is 'owned' by a different npc corp. I haven't found a name tag at the outposts, but those who have level 2's could tell you where is what.

Maybe those that have done this already could post what they know?

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