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Apologies if this is an incorrect assumption. Of course if it has been mentioned prior to this, Neoxx will soon tell me lol

But..The sequer is supposed to have an "Industrial Slot." If I look at the parameters of the Standard Medium Mining Module, it says the Module is also an "Industrial Slot." SO the million dollar question is...why wont it fit onto my Sequer? Bug or intended and misinformed?

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You need to very quickly learn module slot sizes. There are Small and Medium. One day there will probably be large as well.

Anyway, The Sequer only has a small chassis slot. It cna fit a single mining laser. It's not designed more high profit mining, it's a hauler.

Argano > Termis > Riviler.

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Its an assault class robot, looking at the other assaults they all have a medium weapon slot, so why doesn't the Sequer have 1?

Fitting a med miner over a small miner isnt a big upgrade, but for remote rep and energy transfer it would be nice to have a med slot.

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I didnt realise there were slot sizes...

Lol I realise what its designed for, Im a week off my riveler, and I was thinking about trying to up my mineral extraction, looks like it will have to be a t4 miner mod instead.

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Take a look next to the arm (turret/misc/missile) slots:

●      Can fit small modules
●●    Can fit medium modules
●●●   Can fit large modules (not in yet)

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Yeah cheers for that Neoxx.

Im going to have to agree with Stier on what he said though as well.

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Its not meant for anything but transportation really.  If you want an energy transfer, use a miner bot/mech, as they're built for better accumulator recharge and stuff.

Sequer just has shield bonus for self preservation.

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... and a medium arm just doesnt fit on that slot visually.

but wat neoxx said - its a hauler, nothing more, nothing less.

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Yeah, but I'm attempting to make my hauler work for me whilst it sits next to me. I already have plans for it to increase my mining production quite significantly. 1x Small mining module actually increased my efficiency by ~8-10% in the time that it was mining next to my Termis. Sounds small, but there are plans in the works to up the efficiency via a few methods. And an increase in 8-10% works well when mining for hours on end.

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Sequer + Nexus Modules + Riviler full of tunings = profit.

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even with t4 small mining laser, and 4x t4 mining modules, it takes hours to fill a sequer.
the difference is so marginal -> you better raise your basic robotics, equip a t4 energy-transfer, and train lower cycletimes on your termis, while using the sequer to keep it cap-stable.

oh, and yes, the mining nexus on a sequer is another good piece of equipment that will work MUCH better then one mining laser...

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"Alexander MkII wrote:

Sequer + Nexus Modules + Riviler full of tunings = profit.

Gloryhole wrote:

but there are plans in the works to up the efficiency via a few methods.

Trust me, Im just waiting for someone to make me the NEXUS mods then im going to sink 26k EP into my Sequer toon.

BKK Anni, that sounds like a good idea, however, would most likely require the Sequer to be constantly near the Miner-bot, if it were to go drop off the ores, and the miner-bot's accu became unstable, it would interrupt the process. However, it would be good to try and work out the "perfect" kit to equip your Seq with so you would get the most efficiency out of it. Also, requires ext in my Termis which I cant afford till I have my riveler with 5 t4 miners, and stable!

EDIT: I think it takes me around 45 mins to fill up with HDT or so.

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Mining 'brigade' if you will:

  • Sequer fitted with NEXUS pumped up for partial hauling, but primary for sitting there and looking pretty (most likely an alt account).  Can haul if it needs to.

  • Sequer for hauling.  Maybe with speed NEXUS, but probably not much more than necessary extensions and some speed.

  • 3x+ mech or heavy miners to get the bonus from the NEXUS, filled with tunings, with as much bonus as their accumulator will handle.

NOTE:  You wont need super accumulators to use NEXUS.  Sure, if you want to get the cycle bonus, but not if you just want to use the mined amount bonus.  (which is what tunings do, so the nexus is like an extra tuning).

If you dont yet understand it, NEXUS is made for big groups!  The more people leeching off of its amazing powers the better it gets.  I'd imagine people will make it useful in even 2 person (why not even 1?  crit bonus might be well worth using it solo) situations, let alone large parties.

Sure, this game may not suit the NEXUS modules being used to their full extent just yet, but the potential and usefulness of these is clearly visible.

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forget the speed nexus... you get a maximum of 8 kph on a sequer with it (maxed extension, t4 nexus, nothing else then lightweightframe equipped)

most usefull i can see atm are the Industrial, Recharge and Mining NEXUS - those effects you will notice already in a small group with low extensions and low equip.

the Velocity NEXUS gives you x% speed on your top speed after all other effects applied.
10% of 80kph... not worth the EP for a long time... (thats 14khp for intact)

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Will the recharge and mining (which ever lowers cycle times) effectively negate eachother?  If so than thats *** awesome, because I would hate having to worry about not having the recharge when someone said they were coming with the NEXUS.

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maxed extension recharge t4-nexus should equal one fitted t3 prototype Recharge module (15%)

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Yeah BKK Anni, I have been asking my corp for nearly 2 weeks or so about suppyling me with exactly those three NEXUS mods (mining, recharge, indy). But wwe have only got the Recharge. Do you lads have any of the others, because I have been so keen to test out how much more efficiency I can get. I'm basically after the most efficient way to mine in an hour with my current set-up, and to test other set-ups.