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Iam a formal afterworld player.  i current in an assult meck but got skill for regular mech, when i get enough funds.

I like to team hunt and work to better a group.  I havent been able to team hunt since i dont really know anyone here, so looking for a soc.

Re: Looking for good corp to join

Sounds like you are pve focused. What nationality are you? And do you also do mining? The mass majority of corps are pve, so one shouldn't be hard to find, just need to find one with your time zone.

Re: Looking for good corp to join Blackomen put it. I am in total sync with that. What I wanted to very gently point out was that you spelled backwards "murder" wrong..

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I was thinking the exact same thing Scarba.

For the OP though, Mechanus Academy (MECHA) has recently been established. It is a corp for new people, and people who are not sure where to go in the game. We provide a starter package for each person, depending on what they enjoy in the game. We aim to inform and help the average new-player in becoming self sufficient.

We have had quite a few intakes recently, and the corp channel seems to buzz quite frequently with plenty of questions and answers. So if you are keen, you can talk to me in game on anyone of my alts; Glory, Glorify, Gloryhole, or contact Cycominer if you see him on.

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i found a corp to try