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So I've been reading many of the adverts and it appears that most of the major corps aren't in my time zone, so I'm going to throw this out there hoping someone wants me.

I did a 3 year stint in EVE as an officer in a industrial 0.0 corp and 3 months in darkfall.  Basically, we made our money manufacturing things and we maintained a combat wing at the same time and I was old enough that I was able to do both fairly effectively.

I'll keep this brief, no need to drag it out, but if you are looking for an experienced 0.0 sandbox player who brings a wide variety of skills to the table I'm the guy!

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Hop into EC Public when you're on, chat with the players there. Ecorp is the largest active corp in-game currently, they have players from all timezones, and most of the people there are pretty friendly and helpful.


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Take a look at the Mechanus Academy thread in this forum.  You are welcome to join while you learn the game and decide on a more permanent home.

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For Mechanus Academy, see this thread: … s-academy/

It's a training corp for new players, supported by members from Ecorp and Deus Ex Mechanus.  I highly recommend it for new players.

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ex m0o, current evol here, if you want no *** proper pvp with good economy wing corp, m2s is a choise.

Right now we got the economy part covered, but if you want to pew pew without haveing to rely on 40 man zerg squad, we are your corp.

contact me or styx

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siddy didnt know you were ex-m0o,
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