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Deus Ex Mechanus (DXM) has founded an training corp, Mechanus Academy (MECHA). With the influx of many new players, our goal is to help getting a good grasp on different aspects of the game. It is also a good way to strengthen community as a whole and integrate isolated newbies.

This is a non-profit organization, tax rates are of course 0%, and we will be putting stuff used for training into corp storage for member's convenience. There are no requirements of joining whatsoever, we are open to recruit anyone, once you are in however: play nice.

Academy will not enter any politics, and remain a neutral corporation. Members who feel they are confident and having good understanding of game already, are free to leave Academy, and join whichever corp they would like to; no obligations. Since academy is watched over by DXM, talented and active people will be of course offered membership in DXM, but again, nothing is mandatory.

Whether you want to join to learn the game (PVE, PVP, industry, etc) or to have fun together with all kinds of people, please apply to Mechanus Academy in-game, or alternatively post here: you are more than welcome on board.

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i support this endeavor, if you need anything to make this work that i can provide, just ask.

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Perpetuum's equivalent of EVE University! Nice!

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DXM: I've had a couple of chats with your members, I think you've got a good team going, and I wish you guys the best. +1 for their corp recruitment.

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Cleared up the topic.
This is a recruitment forum, please take politics to the proper section.

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Also if wanna apply on our forums your welcome