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Styx wrote:

Not necessarily, I'll be creating the corporation on my main account which is combat. The amount of EP invested for the corp skills isn't actually that much.

If you're planning on applying I'd recommend sooner rather than later since every application has to be processed, this includes a TS interview. Any applications on EA day probably won't be processed for a day or two.

Well, seeing as how the server is down right now (or was), heh, but I get your point.

And yeah, sure the EP for corp skills might not be much - but I'm rolling both my industry and combat on my main account, so I have little room to budge there, even with the 40k extra EP.

Would you guys prefer in-game or website application?

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Re: M2S, PvP & You

Applications are required to be made on the M2S forum.

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Yes joining sooner rather than later is a good idea, because we are going to be very busy at launch.