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im new to game and looking for a corp im specialized in industry/production i do minimal pvp and im active late at night est time im completely new to this genre of mmo i usually play games like runes of magic and wow so i will need some help any1 willing to take me on im usually a leader or vp of guilds but i know my place in a game ive never played message me on forums  or reply

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Join Deus Ex Mechanus.  We're looking for more industry players, and we're mostly active late nights EDT (or at least I am lol).

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if ya want  Euro-Corp Syndicate has many industrial spots, we supply you with what you need to explore the various  aspects of industry,

tho, DXM is a fine corp, and i would equally recomend them

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ECS are good people too smile

I suggest talking to corp members to get a feel and see which you like.