Topic: Long range, low damage, small missiles.

After some testing in corp, we have come to a unanimous agreement that there needs to be long range versions of small missiles. Currently castels and waspishes suffer from having the shortest range weapons in the game in addition to being the slowest bots (of their class) in the game. This leads to them being useless if the target can both outrange you and outrun you.

My suggestion for the long range missiles would be...

280-300m range (Yes it would effectively make it about the same range as max range lasers.)
15-20 damage (This would also make them the lowest damage weapon "by far" in the game.)

The basic concept here is to give smaller missile bots a means to at least shoot back at a enemy. The baphomet would still have a "slight" range advantage, but not enough to make the missile bot helpless.)

Other than this, the only other method I can think of is to make the castel/waspish faster than both other races, and that would ruin the currently almost balanced race bonuses.

I could write a entire wall of facts, numbers, and text we've calculated on the matter, but I'll save myself from writing it until I have to.

Re: Long range, low damage, small missiles.

I think the range you're suggesting is excessively high for light/assault bots.  Did you even consider what's necessary for a light/assault bot to even *lock* a target at that distance?

Re: Long range, low damage, small missiles.

... a single "sensor amp." and a few extensionpoints.

IMHO its the wrong approach to fix that issue.

i would make the shields on those missile bots beter usable.

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Re: Long range, low damage, small missiles.

I think role bonus to these robots would be better, for example:

+5% locking range and missiles range per basic robot level