Topic: Possible new missile bug.

Not exactly sure if this is a bug/mistake/or bad design decision. But seeing how it contradicts every other thing in the game, figured it most likely a bug.

I noticed that the new special ammo received from doing missions is mostly fantastic, lasers, em guns, and even small missiles are fantastic. Problem is, the med missiles are unlike all the rest, they are in fact worse than the standard ammo.

Standard Medium Sonic Compact Missile

Damage: 120
Damage Type: Seismic
Explosion Radius: 8 (Lower is better for those unaware.)
Range: 150m

Heat IX Compact Missile

Damage: 130
Damage Type: Seismic
Explosion Radius: 10
Range: 150m

As you can see the missile does an extra 10 damage, which is good, however the additional explosion radius lowers the damage by 25% or 30 damage, so it in fact does 100 damage, 20 less than the original. (These calculations are based on the missile damage system from 2 months ago, they may have changed how explosion radius worked on larger targets since then.)

That one was bad enough, but the next one shows how utterly HORRIBLE these really are.

Medium Sonic Ballistic Missile

Damage: 80
Damage Type: Seismic
Range: 350m
Explosion Radius: 7m

Medium "Smite" Ballistic Missile

Damage: 70
Damage Type: Seismic
Range: 360m
Explosion Radius: 8m

Look at the above, and tell me what in all of Nia that would be better for than the standard missile. Seriously, name one thing.

I really hope these were just a major oversight. As they currently stand, no one will be using these unless they run out of normal ammo first and are too broke to buy good ammo.

When I first saw this I figured the small missiles must be just as bad, but in fact the small missiles are fantastic, and very useful.

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Re: Possible new missile bug.

about the smite, the range will be increased to 410.

the damage of heat X, if you have good extensions, and use it for proper target, than it will deal more damage. you can reduce the exp radius to 7 with extensions and the mechs' and hmechs' hit surface is 8 and 10, that means you no longer lose damage to against medium targets.

but these ammos need further testing, and will be subject of further changes if needed.
Thank you for your feedback

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