Topic: The 3000m locking range bug.

For those of you that saw the title and expected an exploit allowing 3000m lock ranges, sorry that's not what this is.

Basically we fit out a bot to reach a little over 3000m max locking range. And as everyone knows, you can only see targets up to 1000m away. We wanted to see if the lock was lost once the target went past 1000m.

Well indeed the lock is lost after the target gets more than 1000 meters away. But something unexpected happened as well.

Once the lock was lost, it could no longer be acquired. There was no longer a way to re-lock the target once it came back into 1000 meter range. I believe the system thinks that the target is still locked, as it hasn't left the max range, however it no longer shows up as a target, and only docking/reloging fixes the issue.

Can make it a pain for our 1000m+ sniper heavy mechs to get targets. Now we have to try and fit for only around 800-900m ranges to avoid this bug. And it makes it a little more difficult to liquefy people humping police towers on pvp islands. sad

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Re: The 3000m locking range bug.

Yes this is a well known bug. The bug is caused because you will not get any information from the server above 1km. (about the surroundings of your robot, only terrain+decors)
As far as I know, this will be later fixed (enabled) by implementing a method, to dynamic change your robots sight range (related on your extensions etc) or something like this. But the fact is, that at moment the 1km range is something thats carved in stone on the server side.
Fact1: we don't really want players to achieve range 1km range at moment. (ofc its doable, and later we will support such a game play, like artillery, not to mention large weapons.)
Fact2: we don't have time/priority at moment to work on this.
Fact3: as far as i can remember, we tried to fix at least the bug side of the problem. I will investigate the case, and so we will try to fix it.

Re: The 3000m locking range bug.

Sorry if I made it seem like this was a priority or a severe issue. I was attempting to be funny in acting like it was a major issue. I understand it's not exactly a issue for 99% of players. Besides we found a nice fitting for 976m range.

Thanks for the info on the bug, wasn't aware that it was well known. And looking forward to raining death from the heavens with Destroyer Artillery Mechs. yarr

Re: The 3000m locking range bug.

This bug has priority in many ways: it will be always possible, even with dynamically changing sight range that a player could have a higher optimal range then sight range. At all cases like this, this bug would appear.

Re: The 3000m locking range bug.

We will limit the use of range extenders in the next patch in such a way, that range above 1km won't be reachable.

Re: The 3000m locking range bug.

so, from how i understood it, the client thought lock was lost but the server told the client it wasn't, so when client requested lock again, the server wouldn't let it? if that's the case, then there should be a simple enough fix, just have the server consider anything more than 1km apart to be not locked. if it's a more clientside issue a similar type of thing should be possible. or maybe it's way more complicated. just seems a blanket "drop locks beyond xxx range" [or more like steve's "anything beyond xxx range cannot be locked no matter what you fit, even if you have 2x the lock range" - in this case set xxx at 999m and it's done, no need to rearrange extensions or alter range extenders, because you might have to later undo it when you do introduce the longer range weaponry