Topic: Severe issues with previously manufactured items.

I spent an hour+ today trying to de-bug 30mil in bots today, apparently all items/bots I had manufactured previous to either the last patch or patch before that, are now stuck in limbo, unable to do anything with them including delete them. However I can still move them around into storage and such, and even list them on the market. (As sell orders only, npc can't buy them, and when bought are still bugged.) They cannot be recycled/stacked/unstacked/activated/unpacked/or deleted. I thought at first it may just be my char/account. But after transferring it to a friends account/char. It was still bugged/broken. Attempting to do anything results in the following error.


I was surprised to see it wanted me to repair the items, I spent 5mil nic to repair them, just to find out it then wanted them repaired again, and again, and again, and again. and again. (Sorry just watched the spoon killer video again. lol )

The bottom line is anything made prior to the last patch or so is completely useless for me, and the game acts as if they only half exist in the game. And being down 35 million nic does not make me a happy person.

EDIT: More info, less unbound rage. tongue

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Re: Severe issues with previously manufactured items.

Hi Blackomen

calm down a bit.
to say it blunt: its the f**** joys of betatesting,

Since you have to expect a complete wipe after beta if taking part in an beta you cant loose a thing.

The Perpetuum-dev seem to pretty carefull on avoiding hardless actions towards the testers, on other games if there is a problem with an account you can be happy if you get some XP-refund after the reset of your account. I think the Perpetuum-devs will fix this Problem and after that you will be able to use all bots again.

But even if everythign will be fine we mustend forget that we are testing a unfinished product and that the devs are free to do whatever they want, be it throwing lighningbolts at players (yes, i like thatone), deleting random items and skills or shutting down the game. It is their property they are only allowing it to toy with it.

I have really a lot to fun in this beta and so far there werent not that much big errors, i would say this beta is doing fine and is worth taking part in it, so lats just see what will happen and after taht we still can post that the result isn sufficent for us.

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Re: Severe issues with previously manufactured items.

Yeah I wrote this half reporting the error, half venting a near furious rage. I'm a bit more calm now, and will likely edit the post to reflect a more calm manner. I've been in so many beta/alpha tests I can't recall half of them, I know to expect massive issues, but I have a naturally very short fuse. I tell people to just ignore me untill I calm down an hour later. tongue

I'll get to editing that post with more bug info and less rage. smile

Re: Severe issues with previously manufactured items.

should be fixed since

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