Topic: Active armor resist plates broken.

After some testing with corpmates, I've concluded that the Kinetic and Seismic armor plates are broken.

1. The Kinetic armor plate gives seismic resist.

2. The Seismic armor plate does absolutely nothing.

3. Nothing gives kinetic resist at all.

4. The chemical plate seemed a bit off resist wise, but I'm unable to prove it as there is no 100% chemical damage weapon. I can say however it reduced damage from ammo that did chemical damage. By a very small amount. (55-60 down to 50-55)

5. Thermal Plate still needs more testing to be sure.

6. Having a look over universals may not be a bad idea. However I have no concrete evidence at the momment that they do not work. The numbers just seem "off".

Re: Active armor resist plates broken.

Hephaistos-tss thermal armor

Active thermal resistance - 125
Thermal resistance 25

Gives perpmanently 25 resist to thermal and while active gives 125 but I got same damage with active and non active state with this armor. Otherwise - thermal resist in this armor doesn't work.

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Re: Active armor resist plates broken.

Allright, we just finished a nice 2-hour testing session with Mancs.

We quickly saw that it's not the resists that are broken, rather the damages dealt. tongue

So we found out that seismic damagetype throughout ALL ammo types was dealing kinetic instead. roll It seems this was the sole reason for the weird resists. You could easily think it was them, since you can only see total damages.

Anyway, fixed in next patch. smile

And yes, this might not explain thermal resists, but we tested those too and found no bugs there.

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