I agree what shield absorption bonus is fine on missile boats, but with rof of medium laser it useful, also core is life of laser boat. No core - no damage, no tanking. Also i wanna left tracking bonus and change shield bonuses to accumulator consumption bonuses. Also good bonus is bonus for HP. Passive tank also working fine in team. You have core for shooting and your well resisted armor may be repaired by teammate. I star ass pilot missile boats, but laserbots more dynamical and more fun for me. and when project start i will star as pilot of laser boat. Missile is good, but they boring. you stay and waiting when launcher shoot.

I train 2 skils Economical Armor usage and optimal Armor Usage and see what this skill not working on standard armor repairing tuning, i say gm about it and hi ask to create forum topic about it. Hope i first who found this bag, beacuse with other modules this skill working.

It good what i receive discussion, but what i want to say. What it stop competition mining versus recycle? What if recycling give some items what you will need for producing faster, or with less waste and if you use enough items you may receive named item? So you may use or not use items from recycled item, but if you good manufacturer you may be interested to hunt/buy this items. Also you may sell item from recycling to nps and earn your money fast. Or sett sell order and sell to players.

I like to mining, i like scan system, but it not profitable. First it need much more skils what not usable any more else then in mining. Next receiving materials from recycling much profitable because you receive all what you need and much faster then in mining.
So what i want to say. Change recycling.  When i recycle stuff i may receive something what i need in industry, but can't mine it, or something what will buy only some corporation and you need to transfer it to this station (without recycling plant in that station) So or hunting will been useful if you wanna produce some new stuff, or give you choice sell stuff or recycle and receive some money.
Ready to discuss about my idea.


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After upgrading to 17 level of ME (material efficiency) and upgrading up to 4run license, it still shown what license have 5 lvl of ME, for more info speak with Gaika agent, hi has this trouble, but his English very bad and hi ask me for help.