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Some shots of the armageddon.

Ok sorry, I will stop trying to understand the am/pm weirdness smile

check here for the start in your local time

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Here is a more readable log, thanks to Alexander.


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Everything except Drones/Faction Drones drop decoders, lower level decoders quite plentiful indeed, but higher levels are very rare.


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This really sounds like if the radar would be zoomed in all the way. Might be a stupid question, but did you try zooming out? smile


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please use forum search


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Gamestorm Ltd. is the company we as Avatar Creations appointed to handle the collection of subscription fees.

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I didn't call anyone anything, and since I'm not the organizer of this contest I won't involve myself any deeper. I merely stated my observations, it's up to the host to make his decisions.

Blackomen wrote:

Mine is rather old, made back towards the beginning of perpetuum.

Given the fact that both jpegs contain Photoshop CS5 metadata (which was released April 2010), have been saved with mere 11 minutes of difference, plus the strikingly similar style of both pictures that resembles other works from Siddy... well, makes the whole thing rather suspicious...


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see here

Do not get intimidated by other players, some of them have a too big ego smile
We read feature suggestions even if we don't reply. Some of them are good, some bad, some contradict each other, but that's how it should be.


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Make sure you copy the code properly (eg. remove extra spaces or additional characters).
The code is only the 25 characters separated by dashes. Do not confuse it with the transaction id (PPxxx...).
If it still doesn't work, contact billing@perpetuum-online.com


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Yeah, but if you manufacture ammo that is still a nic sink in my eyes, since you throw them out basically by shooting each other smile

However you could argue that this falls under manufacturing costs if you mine all the minerals for it.


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I would think ammunition/charges are a money sink as well? Also mobile teleporters and field containers.


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This Sunday (Nov 14th) at 20:00 hours server time (19:00 GMT) we'll be hosting an ingame Q&A session where the players can throw some questions at us Perpetuum developers.

If you have one yourself, or just want to listen, you're welcome to join in!


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Those who get the "The transaction cannot complete successfully. Instruct the customer to use an alternative payment method." error:

We have contacted PayPal about the issue, but they said they can't do anything on our side, you need to contact PayPal and they can check out what the problem could be with your account.

If one of your buyer is having difficulties
completing a payment, please advise them to contact PayPal directly and
we will advise them further after reviewing their PayPal account.

If a payment does not complete, we cannot see any information about this
payment in the recipient's account and any possible error messages will
only be visible in the sender's account.

See also here:

The most likely cause is that the customer's credit card failed bank authorization.

Yo can either doubleclick the target in the targeting computer window, or cycle with tab key and push R to make the selected primary.

please use search

As you can probably imagine we're not doing it on purpose...



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it's already reported anyway



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Truhold-Markson Tutorial Assignment / File #3-B starts at the Asintec Alpha terminal on Daoden, since that's when you need to return with a package to New Virginia.


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It's probably at another terminal, check your "All assignments" tab.


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Please do not create duplicate topics.


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You are welcome to discuss your problems in private, but a GM is a GM, whether you like the person or not.