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Agree with you that it should not be an extetion but just incase the Dev's wanted it to be in the arena of CoC extention I through it out there, but as I stated with our current level of technology that the game world represents, the target painting by the S/L should be a given for basic squad communication and control.


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Fumen wrote:

To answer the simple questions:

To lock, you can double click on a target. Double clicking on a container will open it, or interact with stations and teleporters. There are keyboard shortcuts for all of this, too, so all you need to do is select the object first. They are all listed in the options menu. (Approach, interact, primary target, lock, reload all, unlock, cycle locked targets)

Understood, but what we are talking about is actually utilized by squad tactics of focus fire on the same target. If in the HUD one could see the targets your Squad Leader is focused on this would make it easier to conduct this form of tactic. This ability could be through a Leader Extension, piece of equipment, or introduced into the over all squad HUD and Targeting Computer system. wink


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I second this, perhaps this could even become an extesion skill for the leadership grouping or a device which has to be equiped. There are several ways this could be worked into the game if the Dev's don't want it to be a given ability though with the mech tech we are using in game it would be fair to think that linking targeting systems in squad would be possible. tongue
Just my two cents.

Maynard Benaui wrote:

Just add short(5s) timer locking the access to the most damage done contributor on wreck.

This has been mentioned and also defeated in other games I have played by K/S. If the Thief has enough DPS all you have done is help him secure your mob for the taking.
There is no full proof way to keep it from loot theft and K/S but there should be a risk for the thief and K/S'er as it stands it seems that only open PvP can curtail this but most petty thieves will just hang out arround the police towers so the actual "justice" mechanism is actually protecting the thief.
Oh well, thieves will get a name and will eather be shuned or hunted by the masses and Player Corps. hmm


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I guess I remember an old SciFi MMO game that I beta'd then played a bit when work allowed me to. The game was Earth and Beyond and all player made items had not only a tag line but also a quality rating. It was pretty cool having people asking for your stuff and made it easier to make contracts to move large amounts of goods. They knew your quality ratings, you also knew who to stay away from because of poor quality and tag lines. Oh well. As ong as a quality system can be implemented then it will be up the the industrialist to prove his wares value. sad

Here's a different spin; let the loot thief be tagged not to be shot but as a thief. Once a number of thefts have been built up over a time he the thief then has a bounty on his head for any one to collect.

This was just a thought after reading this thread and I have played all but WoW of the games mentioned and have had loot and kills both stolen from me. It is agrevating and yes I have just left the zone for another but that really is not the answer. The thief still gets away with it without any sort of balancing. In life a thief will get caught and face consiquinces, they should in game as well.

This can then become an extetion of the game by offering risk/benifit to being a thief as well as open a means of Player tasks offered by the local police who are more concerned with keeping the larger peace thus let 'bounty hunters' maintain petty crimes justice.

The taging could keep esculating till a thief becomes KOS by any player.

The coding here may actually add to the game. Just a thought. wink


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I would like to see this as a place for Player Corps to test equipment load outs, tacticts, and train new recruits. Perhaps even with Server controled bots to train against. No restrictions but perhaps a maitnance cost to the corp for the Corprate Simualation Server.

A Public Simulation Server for players to have grudge matches, etc as all the earlier mentioned uses but as stated this should be NIC sink hmm with no pay outs unless it is a Mega Corp (Dev) sponsered turny which also has a spectator mode along with perhaps a few bookies. cool

I like the idea put foward to have the price of the VR related to the Bot used in the open VR.

In the MegaCorp turnies Corps could also present teams akin to comercialized sports.

This should be an area for casual play, training, and team or gladiator style competions. The concern of "actual" PvP being compromised becomes unlikely when the true goal in the game is the acumulation of Corprate Profit and Assets. Compition in the VR simulator will only provide social (ego) recongnization of Corp Teams and the Individual but inactuality provide little towards Profits in the Player Corp and be a NIC Pit for the individual thus interaction with the outside world will be required in order to support one's VR addiction tongue.

Something I would like to see as a future industrialist would be a quality rating on player manufactured items which can be influenced by exstintions, matieral quality, and player skill level of manufacturing of said item as well as the researched product blue prints. This would allow pricing structures to be tied to the actual quality of an item as well as the reputation of a Corp's manufactured goods as long as a "manufactured by" tag line be added to the description.

With the addition to a quality rating it allows for Named Items and perhaps intruducion of Player Corp Named Items. Just my two cents for a game which is based on both combat and manufacturing.:)


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Wild life would be interesting, maybe even 'robotic' wild life? But then the concern of processing and server over head does come to mind.
Perhaps a lush harvestable area is gaurded by a gardening bot'. wink