Yes, I have used this 'jump' to next target effect/feature while maintianing multiple locks on MOBs.

Plese understand I am not being sharp or curt, but you have a Kain and are mining in a Termis.
I mine in a Termis and do quite a bit of a hual, I just started a new PC for PvP and am slow going on his EP's but that is my own fualt for spending them on my Prospecter/Miner.
I have plenty to do at this level to test the game mechanics and the carreer path.
I have played EVE and yes been at that bottom of the skill curve, but I still found plenty to do.
So not sure what your issue with the game is.-D²

Well, wrote quite a bit of a reply then erased it.

I liked the title but was quickly disappointed when it seemed to be nothing but M2S bashing and their chest thumping.

We are in Closed Beta, no one has won except by their own personal character goals.
You can not dominate a closed market, yes you can hord and cause a spike in prices but remember this is a very small cross section of what the market should be.

Look Sand Box gaming has been arround a long time and is not new to MMO's just like balencing the risk/reward for 'good' and 'bad' actions.
The concept of Sand Box gaming is not that there are no Game Environment rules to balence player interaction but just the oposite.

Sand Box gaming allows the Player Character to interact with the Game Environment as he wishes, but that is not to say there are no reactions or affect caused by the players action would be fine for a one person against the computer but this is a MMO which has a back story and a loose code of conduct based on the back story.

Using relationship ratings has been another way to reward/risk Players for their actions agin this falls right in line with the Sand Box type of game. Hte player exsits in a Universe which has a set of paramiters which are acceptable and not acceptable but it is up to the player to make those choices based on risk/reward.

Having no risk for griefing/piroting whole sell is inviting a demaise for the game unless that is the Universal back drop of anarchy and might makes right and is marketed as such. I don't think that is what the Dev's have in mind but it's not my business so I don't know.

What needs to be asked and answered by the Dev's:

Is there a Riverlry between the Mega-Corps which would reward griefing/piroting?

Are there any 'expected' code of conduct of the Characters and if so then what should be the risk of going against that conduct? (Yes, the gamers at large will make up some of this but there is usually a loose guide line)

If the Macro Game is to gain teritory control by Corporations then this opens up another area which is important: Will Mega-Corp ever put out bounties on Players or Player Corps?

There is always an effect for an action no matter the environmet so there should be relational reactions between players and NPC entities based on Player actions this could also be expanded to include Player Corps as well. This would help fill game content, produce riverlries between Mega-Corp story lines and also add to the storyline content.
A Sand Box MMO will develope many storylines as it should due to the varied players which are involved in an MMO.

A Sand Box environment will never be nice to us all the time, some thimes the 'law' will be on your side some time not, sometimes you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the game should be enjoyed by a large enough customer base to support it finacially.

Remeber if you run off other players who are you going to play with?
If the game doesn't have a good player base it will fold, and we as players do have some of that in our hands.
Also in a Sand Box game, enimies who would not work together will to get ride of a mutual threat.
Just my nickles worth, I have no animosity towards any one PC nor Corp. -D²


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Well it's 2000HRs here in Vancouver, WA and the same issue still persits at least for me. Has any one gotton on or have I missed a post concerning the Server. -V


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Nice eye candy. Hated loosing my stacked mass reducers sad . But so far it seems to run much smoother on my system. The auto-foward command works much! better. This is only after playing for 15 mins. Good work guys. -V


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Ok here's my nickles worth on the topic: wink
I played EVE for a year as an Indy. I liked it, started a small corp and had my own manufacturing and research POS. I started Perpetuum and like the diffeances for the Indy. I look foward to the changes for manufacturing. big_smile
Now to state the obvious, hmm has any one ever opened a spread sheet or data base, sure it may be made by any of the frontend programs out there but it will still be the same with maybe the bells and wistles moved from one place to another. MMO's or MUD's as when I first started playing on line games using BBS's have all borrowed from each other in one fashion or another just like we did in opperations planning with our spreadsheets and DB's. It's ok, why would you reinvint the wheel when all you need to do is tweek it (put treads on it), make it out of something else (rubber instead of wood); that is why I have never understood the OMG you just ripped off X-MMO roll . That is business, to find a product which is sucessfull see if you can get some of that market share then build a produt to do as much. This is good for us in that it prings better products, better customer support, and hope fully better pricing structures. Any how just my take on this OP tongue and cudos to the DEV's of Perpetuum. cool -V

/signed- To underscore your statement about survivablility of packaged stuff, I have worked in the transportation industry. You would be amazed what the product you see in a store goes through from the dock to the store. -V

tongue opps double tap.

Interesting, almost like leech lines forming. I will moniter Liq and HDT as well. Haven't mined Epi yet.


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On that same note, when I hover or right click the symbol to see what the buff or debuff is there is no explaination of the symbol. It would be nice to have the type of action (one word is fine) display when the symbol is clicked or curser is over it. Thanks. -V


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On that same note, when I hover or right click the symbol to see what the buff or debuff is there is no explaination of the symbol. It would be nice to have the type of action (one word is fine) display when the symbol is clicked or curser is over it. Thanks. -V


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One thing I have noticed but could be wrong over all, but it seems that Stermonit comes in snake like viens along the base of mountains. -V

A new form of Blood Bowl.  tongue


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Well went to use the map for mission locations but they do not show up even when one has the Assignment point checked.


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Sadly it is all too true Zoom. sad  We need more women gamers! -V


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True as well as spending NIC to start it with an on going cost paid to the Syndicate. This is of course only in areas Protected and controled by the Syndicate.
With missions one as well as a Corp should be able to build standing with the NPC Corps but I would like to see that as you go up with one perhaps you take a bit of a hit with the other NPC corps.
Small scale skirmishes should still be able to be fought in unprotected areas as well as on the PvP islands with out the need to Declare War through the Syndicate. Thanks for the constructive input, maybe we can hash out a very stable PvP game which involves more than yarr , ganking, and griefing. I would like to see the Economy as a very intragral part of the PvP between Corps. -V


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Bunkerkind Anni wrote:

i really hope you dont expect too much from the first mission-patch

those are "just" ~80 hardcoded missions, sending noobs around the map, which means, if multiple player doing the same bounty-mission, they will have to farm the same spawns.
(problem: spawn-camper)

I heard that spawn-timer and number depends on overall players around it (same island).

Good point, we are testing the over all mission arc. And hats off to the Dev's for thinking about population relates to the spawning. -V


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Good suggestion Bambi, and I like the posibility of Corps declaring War against the NPC corps. This would allow yarr with a bit more realism.
Generally in history on country would give free merchants papers to engage the enemy of there enemies thus they had a fighting force which they did not have to maintain on the high seas. Of course the other country would declare such free merchants pirots and hang them as such. True piracy in history is not the glorious portrial that movies and games give it. It was a hard exsistance and the Pirots had to have some where to pull into port in the "civilized world."
Now this lead me onto this thought which is build of of Bambi's suggestion. Why not hae some of the NPC Corps offer bounty on rival NPC's corps. This could be another area of PvP missions and allow for factional/realm warfare in the story line. As stated in some of the rewrite of the original story line the different NPC corps really do not want to share the resources but are at a kinda empass with each other.
With this stand off between the NPC Corps it allows for some good PvP missioning as well as perhaps giving Player Corps the ability to align them selves with NPC Corps through PvP missions.
Again helping to drive a larger scale PvP environment.


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gatcha, looked for a post talking about it but didn't see it. But then again I didn't really look too hard just used the search feature saw the one you are talking about and other container issues but not that one particularely. thanks -V


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RiceIord wrote:
Maynard Benaui wrote:
RiceIord wrote:

That solution is RP-wise questionable, tbh. hmm

As much as having multiply chracters per account...

I'm talking about the personal level of roleplay, not the character roleplay with their shiny knights stuff and hours long blahblah of honour.

There it's quite dangerous to find out that the person you're boycotting economically turns out to be an alt of your own corp mate simply because he can't see your stuff on the market anymore.

Magic and mechs don't fit. :X



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The current set up for PvP doesn't really allow true mass PvP as in the Enigma/BWC opperations against SoT proved. The person firing on another, yes even on the PvP islands, becomes flagged then all opponents can attack that flagged individual with out getting flagged themselves thus if the heat gets too hot they can jump back in base or hug a police tower.
If true PvP is to happen then once the shooting starts every one involved should be flagged regardless of who fired the first shot.
Some might say 'hey I am minding my own business so I should not get flagged if some one fires on me" well if you are in a Syndicate protected zone then you have no worries; a police tower will pop the agresser but if you are out minding your own business in uncontroled area then you should be prepared to have an interesting time. PvP areas are just that and should not allow for station games or stare offs of who wants to get flagged first.
Let's allow true corprate and gang warfare to happen. I used to abhore PvP because most of the time it was just gankfests on the noob or greifing in MMO's with ;ahm do I dare say it roll yes elves; but when I played Warhammer on line and EVE I actually liked PvP because there were other aspects of it, Realm Wars and Corprate Wars respectively. To me that is what is fun in PvP working with a squad against another squad using tactics as well as equipment to fight for the piece or rock you are wanting.
This game has a great potetial in the PvP realm meshing EVE corp warfare and actual squadbased ground combat tactics.
There will be a time in the future of the Perp that Corps will be fighting over resource spots and having to use multiple squads to seige another Corps camp who has dug in with defensive capability. I hope at least. wink
Well that's just my nickles worth and I know that we all view PvP different, I even view the market place as an arena for PvP but again that is just me. tongue -V


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Influence on the whole. Does he have it? -V wink


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Hmm scamming on the scans could be easy at the front end but once the Area scan is loaded the buyer knows the percentage and type of ore. All it takes is the wrong Corp scammed and you will have a hard time in game.
Even if you just sell a bad scan to a single PC the forums will be lit up with your name and any alts they can figure you play under.
Good luck scamming with the scans. tongue -V

PS I know some may feel that scaning for ore is a grind and the learning curve a bit tediuos but I found it rather fun myself. It brought about a subclass combining figting and industrial skills called a 'Prospector.' As in the old gold rush days of the wild west. Which also brings to mind sense the scans are tangible items in your cargo bay are they lootable?:/ -V


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It looks like the DEVs have a good fix for the Flagging problem.
But the the DEVs are focusing on missions first understandably.

The fix is called "PvP Flags".  This is where agents purposely flag themselves in a special status, "PvP Flagged".  Anyone who shoots a PvP Flagged person are themselves PvP Flagged.

PvP Flagged people can not enter bases.  However, they can enter policed safe zones and not be targetted by the police towers.

This is a good idea but what I would like to see is also pure PvP islands were you are automatically flagged as PvP thus the need for Police towers is moot on these islands, or at least there should be 'lakes' of PvP areas where entering them you are automatically flagged as PvP. These areas could be extra rich in resources thus Corperations will fight to control these areas and defend future minig structures the Dev's plan to bring into the game along with teraforming.
Just my nickles worth on the  up coming fix for the flagging issue wich can inhibit good mass PvP as well as invassion tactics. -V tongue