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not sure if bug or this would classify as request:

Mining lasers stay active and eat charges after said tile is depleted or "container full"

Are the mining lasers supposed to continue regardless if no ore can be stored or extracted?

Blackomen wrote:

Drama, ganking, threats, and blackmail, and all in closed beta. This game is going places. cool

am waiting for the carebear tossing wink

nominates black to keep updated list
an motions for sticky smile

#5 for kin, is even behaving waky with named plates:
-- 1st cycle to activate costing 2x energy
-- passive shows up and active appears to be correct
-- continues to run active if armor rep is not and accumulator is empty, while being drained and all weaps draining core.
<<Pelistec-Counterpress I-230 Kinetic Armor>>

#7 can confirm smalls & meds
--Number of first cycle is identical <23.80> for small and even remote armor rep then they go to according number <with skill calculations>

1) thats in in game threat. so claiming rl personal... nope
2) Pop showed there is exploitable issue with containers as in he popped our can, and was never flagged.  this destroys any mining operation worth while, cause retaliation by system would mean those that have been wronged, if engaging pirate for destroying the can, they would be flagged and now pirate + towers vrs mining group in this instance

However in light of this taken in reflection police towers etc see other thread about that

Long run short.  The field can exploit has been noted to the devs.

drop the flame

include ammo for weapons as well
Running arbalist with em guns, server crash, when login was full ammo in modules and supply in cargo hold had not changed.

Seems not to be limited to charges or ammo either

This not a huge concern but can be exploited as the "server crash" can be recreated by the player by using "Task manager" to force client side to crash and get free refills.


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have not been on perpetuum a long time, i do not have the mining skills nor refining I would like.

I have located 4 ores thus far.

most profitable ore after refining for begining I have found to be HDT.  this taking in time to get to spot, time to refine, etc etc etc and selling on the npc market.

Titanium comes in second.

Not taking in uber skills etc, MINING is NOT profitable from the start.  even the simple example at top of yes ratting is more nic per hour this discourages a lot from mining.
YET, stated that building mechs etc from that ore is profitable that does give some leway to the argument.

the short sighted is No mining is not profitable.  Manufacturing is.
However with time etc to get the skills needed to do manufacturing what to do in time being, well ratting of course... and even side stepping some of the time to get a few combat skills, assault mech, this is still feasible in the concept that even I with only enough skills to drive an assault mech, its weaps and gears, I can farm rats at 1m/hr estimated.

is this system balanced?  in my opinion yes but takes time for the player to reach that balance.

Should there be something worth while for miners <without tons of cash and skills> be able to equalize the same amount of profit?  it is already.  You go ratting you are taking risk of loosing your mech and all gear.  You go mining you find quiet place with no rats and just sit there.  higher return for rating, but is higher risk than hitting modules and walking away.


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not sure if bug or not but am going to post here

after refining and ready to sell xxxx amount of processed material to NPC market the following has been occuring since patch:

right click to sell
box comes up for amount to be sold, and usually click "ok" at this point
before patch, no matter how much I had it would automatically put the full quantity into the amount to be sold

However since patch, I am usually getting 10% in the sale number, if I manually put the full amount in and click ok I do not get the sale.  This is also not linked to best price on market.
So if player y puts in order for x amount of refined item that is 10nic higher than anyone else buying on the market I have found that I do not get that automatically, but am getting lowest offer via automatic.

more detailed example:
I have 1000 titanium ready to sell to market
Titanium usually sells for 44nic <might b touch off> and 4 of that is tax <bare in mind percentage ultimately determines tax>
Now player z was 33 titanium for 40nic a piece, when I go to sell the automatic feature is picking that up for me to sell too.
Regardless if player x is buying 1000 at 50nic a piece.

Is the automatic feature supposed to be looking for best price to seller or best price for buyer?


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ty zoom


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have tested these yesterday on a partial mining op/test with another
also talked with a dev while doing it:

Containers have a 10m timer
when open timer = stop
when closed timer = start

so once closed you got 10 mins

Now I did not ask if the the timer starts at 10m everytime you close it or if the timer starts 10m once deployed and just pauses when opened again, thus leaving less time between each open and closing of the container.

With this in perspective though, You can have more than 1 person open the container at a time.
So multiple people can deposit and extract from the container while it is there, and as long as 1 person has the container open the timer will not engage.