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The offer is not forgotten! We have relied on gamer-based community ever since, and we're going to connect you as soon as we're ready to raise the community management to a new level.

We just have too much to deal with right now, the game is about to launch, and we try to concentrate on a neat start.


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Believe me, we care. We're working on this issue.


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We're going to release a comprehensive statement about it soon.


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Don't even mention racism here, because the lack of Russian-speaking forum section has nothing to do with it. As you may probably know, we're a small developer team capable of speaking Hungarian and English. We just don't have the capacity to maintain yet another bunch of forum sections we cannot oversee (and understand).

We - on the other hand - try to do everything to provide a more comfortable game for everyone, and what we're doing right now is the translation of the client.

The website and the help chapters will remain in English until we have the needed capacity to maintain different language sections for the major languages. I'm sorry I don't have any good news about this issue sad


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Xiao Xian wrote:

Also, are our char names going to get wiped on release?

see answer here: http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topic/3115/obt-wipe/


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its indeed a part of the game that is currently not working as intended. we're doing it asap!


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The forthcoming wipe before launch will erase EPs, knowledge bases, items, NIC.

Character names can be used again if you use the same account after release that you used in beta.

Corporation names will also remain, but it will be connected to the CEO's reactivated account.


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we have to catch up with ourselves sorry. so its true, the killer gets the point, the frags will not be shared.




just to be clear, noone has a module named after him/her  /yet/ smile

the module had its name way before anyone participated in the game


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thank you, the new patch will fix that



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All these deficiencies are intentional. Geoscanner charges and field containers are items that cannot be manufactured. BUT, I see a great business opportunity here, transporting them to outposts and sell them there wink

We had to reduce the digits we display, so the best we can offer is a 0.00. Since 1 piece of a mineral is not used that frequently, the unit measure is so low that the rounding shows you 0.00 unit per ore. Neoxx is right, the correct change is that high.


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when you trigger a cycle, the "charge" will be eaten by the module no matter the cycle ends or not, the system behaves like that, so that is intentional.  the not-so-successful manual harvesting and mining cycle should be fixed by the next huge patch.


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the issue is not rounding here but the sync of server and client. the latter didnt recognize the new amount of EP that time, you need to wait 1-2 mins to be able to upgrade




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noted, but i cannot promise anything. depends on the priority, and of course if it can be coded



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that was my mistake, this part was left there accidentally when we removed tracking hmm