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Lots of stuff is just being repeated here. Go read the thread on this and then continue it on that thread.
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … cavenging/


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I believe this is necessary, but one other step must be taken first. Otherwise other things will go out of balance.

Average market prices can not rise because they are already too high compared to the speed at which new players can make money. Based on newer players opinions which I hear in help chat all day, players will be driven away from the game quickly.

Before removing npc orders, decimal point values must be added. Many unrefined materials have values less then that of 1NIC. Allowing values of less then one NIC will stabilize prices, allowing npc orders to be removed.

This is good. Makes it more fun. Even though I like pvp, I will say it is boring being better then everyone else around you.


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Some additional reasoning for Local/Island/Whatever chat came to me last night.

Once the user count is larger single channels like Help won't be able to handle all the chatting users want to do. We have already had to make separate off topic channels.

New people call for help for things like killing rats, and meet and make friends this way before they know anyone.

Even for experienced users communication between members of different corps is necessary to provide a more social feeling. You can see how much people want this by the way Help chat is used to discuss many different things.

Separate channels for each "area" helps to distribute the larger amount of users, while still providing the random social element.


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Speed is has a precision of two after the decimal point in the equip window, and on your health bar and bot info it rounds it off to the nearest integer value. Is this what you are seeing? If so it is the intended behavior.

I get the hostname gameserverb.perpetuum-online.com out of some dev's screenshots.

Ping that.

If it pops up do to a change later, that is known as a regression, and will be fixed.

For now, instead of changing working things to accommodate bugs, the bugs should just be fixed.


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1 is known, and the chat is getting changed a bit in the future.

2 is known, and I think intended.

On the third, yeah I agree I see those issues as well. You will not get a confirmation on anything being intended though, targeting has changed a lot lately and many more things will change. Hopefully this is made so you can target-switch quicker.

I guess some people still do not have a scroll wheel or equivalent control on there mouse.

I suggest a zoom key, like alt or ctrl that when held and the mouse is click-dragged on the map zooms it.

Sinister wrote:

Just as an extra test, I tested the seismics extension...

Your not understanding what the extension does, it's for bots with sizes lower then the missiles explosion radius, not larger.


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Mr White wrote:

Try right click on cargo, refresh.

This currently only fixes it client side. Your space is still taken up server side, making it so you do not have room.


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I was going to write out the ideal implementation for this, but GM Vishnu and Fox Nine already wrote what I was going to. So, +1 tongue

As it is now.. If I want to go farm five stars and get tons of best name stuff... then I just go do it. No problem there.

But, take into account that a live world will be more dangerous, bigger, harder just to get to those 5 stars, never mind farm them for an hour and get home alive cargo intact.

There will really only be a handful of corps that will be able to do it. And much much more demand with a larger playerbase. It should even out, and still make production viable.

Aliandria wrote:

Reload all should not attempt to reload any device that is active.

Don't be so quick to say that, unless you mean only things other then weapons. Weapons do not have this bug and function correctly.


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I doubt the Devs want to redo the loot system after all the work they have been doing on it lately tongue

Personally what I would like to see is the numbers rebalanced is all. Less raw ore to refined ore. And more waist from recycling... That should even it out without drastic changes.


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Small and fast personal transport bots are in the works last I heard. No weapons little armor no cargo, but fast.

Contract system. Better, worse idea? Just copying eve?


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Drop phpbb. Worst forum software you could ever use if you are integrating it into a site. It's really only good stand alone.

You will find later on that you need to integrate phpbb's users and database into other parts of the site and regret it smile


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The solution in eve is that newbie weapons do not use ammo.

Even the description has a neat bit about how it "Collects space dust to make it's own ammo."

Dehrios wrote:
SmackFTW wrote:

You can add the Numlock button to autorun. When Numlock button is pressed, you can drive straight and control your direction by mouse with pressed right button. It will help players to travel on long distances.

Any key for this would be good.

The reason so many people suggest Numlock is becuase that's the key for this feature in another popular game.
But the key could easily be customized in the options.

My ideal implementation:
If it is pressed while moving you will continue to move even after the movement keys are released.
Rotating your bot with the right mouse button will turn you without stopping your movement.
Pressing a movement key will cancel your auto-movement.

It can be hard to tell exactly when your line of sight to a target is broken by small changes in the land etc. You can see this issue on hillsides or bumpy land.

I suggest an indicator that tells when you do not have a clean line of sight. Maybe just an icon. Or maybe you could have an option to have a line drawn from you to the target.


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When clicking my own name on the forum to view... whatever is there. I get a permission denied error. I should probably be able to view my own page.


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This may be possible and I am just missing it.. but.

As a person who frequently does machinima and other movie making stuff I would like to see an ability to hide the full interface leaving just the scene.

Most games include a key combo for this if only just for the people who film.

Edit: We talked about this on IRC and reached some middle ground compromise.


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It would be pretty neat to see wildlife. especialy with how thick the plantlife is in some areas, it seems very.. jungly

Birds flying around and stuff would really add to the look of the world. And it does not have to be too intensive to process.


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I think the most important thing is just that people are educated that there are no safe zones, anywhere.

Shooting people inside police zones is not an exploit. It's part of the design.