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Is it possible for devs to actually find out how much NIC was generated and sunk in given time period(30-90 days)?


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...or you could just replace Kernel orders with item orders and adjust the Assignment rewards as I was suggesting months ago.


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EP Ian wrote:

I believe that his point was that the max high price was below the min production price, indeed killing any player market other than possibly the secondary one from PVP.  But as mentioned, apparently this is intended.

Production price is based on mineral prices that are working within the same price range as final products.

You just sell below NPC price and buy above.


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Vorgrim Scout wrote:

If it were based on weight, not using a lwf would be an option under the proposed system, since they could fit other useful things in its place as a fair trade off.

Other useful things like...?

Your proposal isn't good for the game, it only makes worse what is already bad.


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GM Kami wrote:

lol, thats the same as "if i have a demob and you have none, i will be faster then you"

Let's put it like this.

Your bot has LWF fitted and is running 100km/h. Would you prefer to fight a target that is running 70km/h or 50km/h?

Or vice verse, if you are engaged by a robot that is running 100km/h, would you prefer your bot to run 70km/h or 50km/h?


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Doctor Kang wrote:

Setting the infinite supply price at 55,000 nic kills any potential market for this mod.  Needs to be much higher.

NPC orders do not kill the market, they only set the boundaries of max high and max low prices.


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GM Kami wrote:


Maynard - how is adding another penalty on LWFs making them stronger?

If we both have lightweight frames fitted and I demobilizer you, I will be relatively faster than I am now.

Demobilizers and lightweight frames need a counter, not a boost.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Yeah, but if you manufacture ammo that is still a nic sink in my eyes, since you throw them out basically by shooting each other smile

However you could argue that this falls under manufacturing costs if you mine all the minerals for it.

The NIC you spent on ammo purchase isn't going away from the system.  They don't sink, they just change the owner.

I am lazy to run the numbers but you can make a picture based on a list that Styx made, and you can see that the only sink is production/market fees which represents very limited % of NIC you will actually generate in the process of Assignment rewards and Kernel NPC BUY orders.

Apart from fees talked above, you are left with fees for Intrusion and Corporation fees and NPC SELL orders are effectively non existent.

Currently, you can generate about +10M NIC/hour by solo farming, how much of that will that be in fees deduced in manufacturing in marketing process? Less than 3%?


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The game is about to launch and there are STILL virtually no NIC sinks in the game... Anything planned prior or soon after release?


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Vorgrim Scout wrote:

Armor plates reduce''' the effect of demobilizers, but '''lightweight frames have the opposite effect''', they will '''amplify''' the enemy demobilizer. E.g. a lightweight frame of -20% resistance will raise the total demobilizer effect on you to 60% (40+20)!

Is this system implemented?

Making lightweight frames even stronger? No thanks.

Hadouken wrote:

Humanoid mechs are what people like.

People like and want many things in this game...FFA PVP, loot stealing, ganking miners and PVErs, jets, jumping, PVP arenas, orbital doom devices, etc.

That still does not mean any those things work nor make any good.

Giving out free bots or EP is for testing purposes, not fun.

Neoxx wrote:

You spelled color wrong in the title and once in the post.   Just thought I'd let you know.

UK spelling.


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Can't you deposit cash or transfer money onto your paypal account?


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It does not matter. At the time you skill up certain race to decent level, it will be nerfed, rebalanced, reworked or affected by other game changes.

It in't counter intuitive, on the contrary - your thinking is. Industrial people are by fair part those who do not want to PVP thus forcing them to venture into PVP areas is silly by design...


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Vorgrim Scout wrote:

You want PvP in your game, make people go out there to farm materials for anything higher tier than an assault or tier 2 tech. Not just the kernals to research.

Unless you start paying your players, there is no way making them doing something.


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Jita wrote:

What I would hope to see in the future is that a small organised group such as yours or mine Styx may be able to rely on income earnt from kills a lot more. I think this change would help that.

That may only work if you will be killing something that does not shoot back...a concept that does not really work. It takes 2 to tango.

Overdog wrote:

Zoom - Thanks for the feedback and your comments.

Maynard - Yes, I understand that most wont wait a month but because of the point accrual system it wouldnt be out of the question to have a player not be online for a several days to a week because of RL.  I do believe that could happen especially several months after launch when a player's day to day play time may slow down. 

But my main arguement for it to help alleviate mistakes when selecting EPs.  Even a days worth of points would be enough to up more than one Ext or Ext level.

The thing is:
Older you are, more EP you need for higher level extensions - less you will be using the feature.
Newer you are, more you play and you will update your extension more often - less you will be using the feature.

Don't take me wrong, I am not saying it is a bad idea. I find it nice feature to have but no 'must have', it is a luxury feature.

Overdog wrote:

Zoom...I completely understand how difficult it might to implement Neoxx's suggestion (which I like also) but is it feasible to implement the Apply button just for Extensions so we can select multilple ext and/or mult levels of an ext at a time?

Do you seriously think people will wait a full month before they redistribute their EP in dozen of extensions....?


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McBlood wrote:

Are there protocols in place for for getting lost items back due to this kind of mishap... email a dev perhaps?... or am I out of luck?

The problem is, there is no way to tell if you got d/c, you closed the client or w/e, to find out what happened. That is why pretty much any online company has no refund policy in case of notorious situation: Our logs show nothing!

Being it in beta, you can PM DEV Zoom and ask for refund. For release, I don't know what policy they intend to apply.


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Weapon X wrote:

You can't select waypoints and therefore follow them. I can only surmise its to prevent autopiloting or something.

It is due to fact there is no pathfiniding and pathfinding isn't implemented because of resources.


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Alexander wrote:

one type of player in the game which works out untill there is no one left to fight with and everything becomes staged, like crappy GM run PVP events because the players won't create content themselves.

Oh, I think I know what game you talk about...ever heard of Perpetuum? Check it out, it is exactly the game you talk about...poor devs have to make events to get anything going in that game.

Already discussed here:
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … refund-ep/

No need for other thread.


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Blackomen wrote:

Only to those flying them, everyone else hated them.

Sure, because people who did not fly them had no clue what they talk about...

Nano era was the best utilization of combat mechanics EVE can offer.

Alexander wrote:

Corporations can help new players learn. Then break away and form a smaller and more knowledgeable corporations. Look at what happened with E-Corp. A lot of good game from them despite their interesting management roles. Joke formed because of them and Joke is now helping a lot of other corporations reach their potential. The cycle continues. The game is not just for older players. There will always be older players that want to help newer players.

Yay...one off-topic reply...