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the bug is that the extension description didn't get updated in time.
Knowing out of first hand from the guy how forgot to do it.


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If i remember correctly - "neuts are useless" wink

neut / drain was nerfed by giving a new extension - after that someone said again, they are useless now.

now someone starts to use shields the only possible way they can be used on combat bots (hell, there have been pages of discussion why the pelistal bots having shield bonus)

Neuts turn into a valid part of equipment. Dont tell me that is a problem for you.
Sensor supressors, LWF and dual sensor-amps have been already "must have", propagated by the same guys that now complain that that neut turned into another necessary equipment of combat.

whats wrong if the battlefield turns into something unpredictable? where you cant say "my high-speed AC kain + supressor intakt kills everything in sight"

and one ecm + two supressor = shield gropho can do nothing but tank.

its the same as that armor tank riveler/symbiont - it needs massive firepower to kill it, and if you put a single AC on it, it even has combat ability... while it tanks.

because all of you startet to nitpick...

an ant has 6 legs... Arkhe has 4.

For my part, i actually cant wait to have the bigger insect like mechs implemted. Bipedal is mainstream, boring and uncreative.


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while as new player, its really hard to get enough money to start a living,
for those who can farm t4/5 mobs and produce everything for almost free it has no meaning.

Another NIC sink could be higher production costs for the high quality equipment. and i mean the NIC part of it, not the materials.

also, refining and recycling is for free atm...


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/close ?


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Alexander wrote:

Long Range Electronic Warfare doesn't effect it? Interesting..

could be because of the fact that... they are no electronic warfare modules.


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something is wrong with the terminal or login screen background.

the moment i dock, i can hear how one of the fans of my PC is increasing RPM to almost maximum - also, in combination with either TS3, Skype or flash, i get fatal system crashs.

the GPU load increase can be confirmed by almost everyone i know.

PS: alexander, you could put the "I have no issues...." into your sig... would save you typing it in every of your posts on the bug report section.


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Assignments stop giving positive standing if you reached x.10 standing of the next lvl.
its a known issue and it is already under further investigation.


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Vorgrim Scout wrote:

I would just like to know if there is a txt command to open a private convo. eg /pc Campana.

If not, there should be. Squad and General channels take care of everything else.

if you see someone - rightclick his name in landmarklist -> private options -> private convo

i fully agree with something faster and more intuitive is necessary...


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as long as you dont mention "local chat" its a fine topic

eve players tend to go crazy about that topic...

but please continue ther: http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … ocal-chat/


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dont overestimate that one turret slot of the waspish.

if you think you can use that one effectively while not spending any extension point into anything out of your regular dps fit, then your wrong.

to fit a single neut or drainer, you have to sacrifice something else (not enough cpu)
to fit a single turret there, you have to raise turret extensions (which got removed from starter missile user due to popular demand)

on the other hand, missile user are perma gimped. the argument "they dont have to waste a primary slot to fit x" is so damn wrong. The Gropho and the mesmer having that breast slot which is useless in a dps or pve fit, where the seth has more head/legslots all the time. (which you can use in 100% of all situations)

its about versatility - while the waspish can fit that "misc" slot all the time (after having pumped several month worth of ep into speccing extensions), the other bots can fit more then 1 if they want (if you didnt notice... even a bapho can fit two launchers, or four neuts or two medium ACs)


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all assaults and mechs share that "feature"

Arbalest - 5 turret, 1 missile only
Baphomet - 5 turret, 1 missile only
Waspish - 5 missile only, 1 turret

Artemis - 4 turret, 1 missile only
Kain - 4 turrets, 2 missile only
Tyrannos - 4 missile only, 2 turret

You are not forced to USE those slots - you can leave them open.

not without a LoS indicator.


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how about training some extensions? if i remember correctly, i have seen countless noobs with dual mining on arkhes.


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... wow, someone coming from that other games, sees that mining works a bit more complicated then over there and wants to "remake" it.

actually, there are only two changes that are kinda neccessary for mining:
1. geoscanner accuracy isnt worth much, as you can get the necessary information even with the lowest accuracy: where is something

2. Deposits are static and non dynamic, and hell some are poorly handpainted. A automatic algorithm is neccessary.


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yeah, im curious why i would ever want such an option at all... wait... one:

"I cannot/ dont wanto to pay two subs anymore, so i want all my high agents on the same account"


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no. not anymore


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so what you describe is simply that nothing changed on the mechanic...

because when you where near maxing what you could get out of a kernel, you did get fails very often.

and now, with kernels having a capped tier of knowledge, you reach that point pretty fast


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devzor - this topic is not about balancing dps, its about the LoS issue, right?

in laser vs em, the em guy has three disadvantages -

1. one less head or legslot,
2. lowest resists against Thermal (laser)
3. main damage is highest resist of the Laserbot

EM combat bots have speed advantage, they can close in at Missile bots and neutralise their terrain advantage. Different equipment layouts can change the rock/paper/scissors balancing.

and after all... 1vs1 balancing is redundant. we had enough topics about that.

back to topic:
the as long as the LoS calculation doesnt interpolate the terrain a bit "smoother", there will be always differences between what you expect to happen, and what actually will happen.


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thank you for the insight!

i think you will need a lot of time to make terraforming accessible - because the formed terrain needs to be textured too (but not instant, for the immersion)


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sidenote - if you take a alook at the end of the terraforming demonstration - you can see the LoS indicator...

we had it, and it was a pain...


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additionally lasers have the highest possible DPS when you count in the Critchance.

and if try get your kain or mesmer close to a seth to bring out your burst damage --- then you you are probably working together with someone that prevents that seth from shooting. Blue bots are melting away under white or red beams.


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i got a confirmation from CRM that the LoS calculation is using different hights for different bots... and its not from feet to feet. Alexander, your suggestion wouldn't make any difference at all, because its already in.

the real problem is the interpolation of the heightmap for the LoS calculation. The terrain looks completely different for the SERVER as it does for the player.

I wished a DEV could make a screenshot of the terrain how it looks for the server