Neoxx wrote:
Blackomen wrote:
Cork wrote:

- Not a bunch of douchebags

Define your version of douchebags. lol

I think general douchebaggery is a requirement on some levels if you want to survive in M2S, or at least  maintain a level of sanity while in TS.

Yeah, definitely not looking for TS idiocy big_smile

Thanks for the responses, though.  Decided to take the plunge with AXE.

Hi all,

  Looking for a corp dedicated to being a dominant force on the server.  I plan on having at least 2 accounts and playing pretty regularly. 

- 10+ years experience in about 10+ different MMO's (Started with Gemstone 3 and am currently playing EVE)
- Most of my time in MMOs has been spent as an officer (though I don't necessarily plan on being one here)
- Quick learner (I'm by no means a Perpetuum expert, but I'm an active questioner and willing listener)
- Not a douchebag

- Small to medium-sized corp (NOT A ZERG) with a good Perpetuum Beta veteran presence
- Plan on taking/holding territory when the time comes
- Have a "master plan" for when the game launches and are ready to hit the ground running
- Not a bunch of douchebags

If you're looking for one more good man, feel free to PM me here or message me in game (Under 'Cork' or 'Corky Thatcher').