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"Mystery object in Starburst Galaxy M82 possible micro-quasar

The plausibility of a supernova explanation was further undermined when very accurate positional monitoring by the UK network of radio telescopes, MERLIN, tentatively detected a change in position for the object over the first 50 days. This was equivalent to an apparent superluminal motion of over 4 times the speed of light."


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"According to the laws of physics (as we know them) faster than light travel is impossible"

This is a theory rather than law. There is no scientific evidence to "faster than light speed" is impossible. No one has proven it in the history of science.
We could not accelerate particles to lightspeed yet, but it does not mean that it is not possible in some way.
However faster than light particles in the universe are naturally exist, and they are a great contradiction to the theory of relativity.


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So be it

I chose purple for the sydicate fraction color, beacuse it is not very popular.
If I use a cooler color, you can't use that for your own corporate paint in the future.

btw purple is not pink tongue


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From Wiki:

"A plasma torch (or plasma arc or plasma gun) is a device that generates a directed flow of plasma from its nozzle. The plasma jet can be used for:

    * Plasma cutting.
    * Plasma spraying."

something like this:
http://www.ddslister.com/wp-content/upl … torch1.jpg


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We have many other weapon moduls in plan, including melee weapons.
No manga-like laser sword crap or similar. Think of chainshaw arms, brutal rending claws or saber saw. (Plasma torch for industrial robots?)

This is a very early version of the pelistal melee weapon:
[img=PunBB bbcode test]http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/8917/tyrannosclaws.gif[/img]


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Additional structures, buildings, ruins and dekors are already under construction.


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All of the bots (except the arkhe) are native nian design. However, the firearms are human achievements. That's why they have no bonus for autocannons.
(All robots have bonus only for their fractions' arms.)

Personally I like the autocannons too, especially the minigun.


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There are plans for a very small and fast robot type in the size of a mech's head, hovering a few meters above the ground, only for fast travel and exploring.
They will have only one, or no weapon slots, and a very weak armor.
However I can not say anything from its targeting or camouflage abilities yet.