APB was developed by a firm in Dundee, scotland (I think its in scottland) so it was EU as well. (I played it, brilliant concept, terrible delivery.)

Ok, this may have been discussed before, I'm not sure. 

How is it that my little castel has 2 medium weapon slots, but cannot even support ONE?  Reactor power is the problem.  While there shouldn't be "unlimited power", there should be some expansion.  I know there are extensions to upgrade output, but as a base combat spark, in a base Castel, I'd think I'd be able to slap on the equipment it says I can.  ESPECIALLY in the weapons department.  I noticed it in other bots as well.  Laser mechs that can't put on 4 lasers without dumping EP into reactor expansion? 

Reactor power needs to be looked at, and increased across the board....or weapons reactor requirements need a balancing pass.....they seem awful high at the moment.  That or the bonuses for combat types need to include a basic reactor expansion or usage decrease for weapons. 

Combat sparks should get lower weapon power usage, industrial/harvester sparks get lower requirements for their implements etc......as a "passive" bonus.

I can understand not going overboard on this, but at the same time, why even have a "medium" slot if the bot can't support ONE medium weapon and nothing else?  It seems a bit like you're teasing us with it....."heres the spot where that BIG missile launcher goes, but you can't have one...../laugh"  Oh well, thats my .02nic.

I'm playing you know....women DO game!  My WoW guild had more women than men! (mind you we were casual)  I am, however shmexy my avatar might be, not of the fairer sex.  I just like to be fair when talking to large groups, you never know when that big sucker with the beard over there is NOT a guy.....


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I can say, after the beta....I didn't like stEve, wasn't my type of game.  This is great.  I see similarities yes, but thats the way of the world now days.  "if it works, copy it"

I think you guys have saved me from another bad expansion as well.  I've already cancelled my world of blahcraft account.  I miss games like this, open world, sandbox type things.  UO was a good one though, back when people still played it, Starwars gagme before the emberrassment that was the NGE/CU.  There are so few GOOD games with an open world like this now days.

Oddly, even with my "charge first, worry about how hard they hit later" mentality, I managed to actually make money, and stay well supplied with missiles.  First rule is....find mobs that drop kernals.  They sell VERY well.  Use basic ammo, the higher end stuff isn't as good until you have the EP invested into the right skills to make it worth it.  It sounds boring, but killing drones for kernals made me enough to purchase replacement light robots, and insure them for my "blonde moments".

I got an email from a member of your corp during beta, I'm interested.  Sounds like you guys are the place to be for those of us who can't decide where we belong.  I know I'll be combat, but I haven't fully decided on a faction, so I'm looking at you guys/gals. (are there girls in this game?)

IGN will be Ionna, you'll find me online after the wipe.  Who could pass up the 4 weeks of ep?

I guess ICS is good.  I can use EM weapons just as well as any other.  I'll be around ICS Alpha after the wipe in a busted Arkhe.


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We had a blast, seeded markets, replaced dead bots, and lots of stuff to kill.  New features shown off as well.  And a kicking live audio stream too.