I agree, it was the first thing i wanted to remap, my mouse.

It's quite frustrating not to be able to look above horizon. I see no real reason to this.


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Thank you !

/sheep signed


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More options is always good in a sandbox.


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If i did understand the lore :

We are not living in mecha but in an orbital station near Earth. Robots are remotely controled via a human-made virus that affects the nians. The inhabitants of Nia are robots, but they are alive, not only machine, like The Transformers.

Local chat, i don't know, i can live without it. Maybe a really close range one may fit.

I think that everything about money and market cannot be polish until several months after the real release, like almost every beta.

I'd like to see longer legs and slower animation for the "insect" robots. They seem to be on drug now, with these legs moving that fast. I'm not talking about the speed of the robot, only the legs animation.

I think i really like the "wall-e" feeling one the wheeled ones.


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If i understand well, sink is important so inflation is not too high, and a 50 000 NIC robot the first month is not 5 000 000 six month later, right ?


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Brontes wrote:

module losses isnt a nic sink as the money made to purcase the item is not lost from the game but ur wallet

I'm not very good at economic's stuff, can you explain the difference please (with simple words if possible, i'm not a native english speaker) ? Thanks.


I'm quite a noob, only a few days playing, but i like the game and want to give it its chance, so i'll play with the pre-release offer.

I don't want to play two characters nor have two accounts, and following the general opinion, i guess i need to specialize.

I don't really know what i should do with the 40 000 EP (or so, 4 weeks EP). I'm considering two options :

- E-War
- Robots production

Can you guide me a little so i can have a "good" start, with both of my options, please ?

I don't know if my english is good enough, i hope you'll forgive me if it's not !

Thank you very much.

"Humanoid mechs are what people like."

Well, i am a people and i don't really want that. I sure want an animal one or a nice designed wheeled one, yes.


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I barely never do this on any forum, but here i must say :

+1 Neoxx

GM Kami wrote:

it could also include that you could raise any extension without restriction, but you can click on "apply" because it will spawn message "not enough EP for that"

I like this idea, so one can plan ahead with a few more visibility, especially noobs like me, but not only.


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Pour rejoindre un canal, cliquez sur la troisième icone en haut à gauche, "Chat Channels". Ensuite, cliquez sur l'onglet Agents pour trier par nombre d'actifs dans chaque canal. Le canal "French" parait alors dans les dix premiers.

Union est toujours une corporation d'actualité ? Un site ou un forum communautaire peut-être ? Plus d'informations ? J'avoue que la présentation n'est pas très attirante, mais je cherche des corporations francophones...


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I'm looking for some of these guides too, with advises for pvp, mining, industry, pve, e-war, and so. right now i've only found pieces here and there on multiple posts, so it's hard for a noob to compile and understand things.


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Sorry for my english.

I'm new and have plenty of questions. I try to read the forum, but it takes more time i have to, and i don't understand everything.

Is each race better at some weapons type ?
Same for combat/industry/politic... ? Any race can do anything at a top level ?
Are the robots designed for one race ? Like, spider style = race 1, human style = race 2, wheel style = race 3... ?

I agree with the OP, i like the toshop' version. Too much grey is too much.