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Nice group of people so far, just joined last weekend, with some friends interested too. They also don't seem to smack or talk crap on forums which is good for pvp , just good fights. Good com teamwork too.

Just a new player question, but how do I switch the primary targets?
When I have multiple targets, 1,2,3, how do you shift the primary besides going to your overview/left click/make primary?

Updated with pvp event experience.


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no problem with better versions smile

wow that's cool!! It's nice to see the terrain can make a difference.

I haven't gotten into it further, but how do the guns work? I'm not expecting like too complex mechanics as stEVE had.

For example, some guns had a rotation speed which would affect how fast you could go around the target.

Do they have close range gank weapons as well? Like heavy blasters, or pulse lasers?

We're very pleased with the game. We love the similarities and this is what we wanted to do. Get on a planet and hopefully, soon, do some sock em robot action.

The similarities with our play in the other game make this game an easy transition. We kind of love that actually, and we're very excited about the overview/targeting system ( The primary target addition was interesting ). Want to try different bots and get into fights. Hoping the pvp will be kept reasonable ( ie not 3 months training )

The market is awesome, works well, smooth.

Hopefully the pvp will be as fun as eve was, except this time you get to feel the element of roaming as it feels on foot, vs wait 10 seconds for a warp to finish and jump 100 systems to get 1 fight. Hoping that classes of robots will complement one another.

*********** UPDATE PVP EXPERIENCE 11/10/10 **************

I tried an open pvp event where everyone was in somewhat newbie bots equipped with decent gear ( plates, armor reps , better tech guns ). Was 3-4 squads at different locations consisting of 4-5 players each. PvP worked fine. Noticed that the squad interface worked well, and the overview for targets was working fine.

Could use hill elevation to my advantage, block some damage with standing behind terrain. Not much lag, server worked extremely well. Was impressed. Cycle repping energy depletion worked kind of like eve does when you fight.

Scored a couple of kills on other newbie bots, then died several times.

Setting primary target was a bit weird, since in eve you can have several targets and just shot at one automatically. That may be a beginners mistake though.

Pretty fun! Should have taken screens, but action was intense.

Thanks to the gm running it.


But as several year eve vets, with multiple ship class experiences, small, medium,large, capital we are excited for this game!!!

Here's to your future, and hopefully some neat conquerable terrain and rich resources for us!

Got the pre-oprder, cheap buy, recommend it to all.

BTW our background is:
2+ years in eve
fought multiple allianes, big battles, small, covert action.

so we're ready!!

Get some cloaking robots soon wink