The source of confusion here was that it defaults to your primary target if none of your targets are focused, and, should you not have a primary target, tells you you need one in that case.  Mechanic seems slightly inconsistent, but I can see where it makes sense.

The cargo bays of industrial/harvesting bots is already twice that of comparable combat-specialized bots, this seems about right to me.

Some modification to the ground textures might also be a good way to relieve some of the frustration about the difficulties of fighting on uneven terrain.  It'd be easier to see/notice bumps if the textures included longer elements.


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Maynard Benaui wrote:
Doctor Kang wrote:

Setting the infinite supply price at 55,000 nic kills any potential market for this mod.  Needs to be much higher.

NPC orders do not kill the market, they only set the boundaries of max high and max low prices.

I believe that his point was that the max high price was below the min production price, indeed killing any player market other than possibly the secondary one from PVP.  But as mentioned, apparently this is intended.

Steps to reproduce:

1.  Find a mining target, lock this target, and choose as your primary target.  Approach it within mining range.
2.  Select another mining point, more than 30m away and target it, do not make it your primary target.
3.  Attempt to mine.

Player is told he is not close enough to mine.

Successfully mining the primary target.


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/help to list all commands
/silence [player] for chanops to remove the ability for a player to speak in a channel (their are currently ops, but all they can apparently do is add/remove more ops)

It's sitting up there in the preferences window, and just says "Close Storage", it is pretty easy to mistake for a button that closes the window, rather than a button that eats your investment.

Vorgrim Scout wrote:
Gambit wrote:

i dont agree with the topic , but agree with the solution, if that makes sense

over ganking needs balancing

also i think, if something is over damaged as in its hit with 4 times its hp in 1 volly, this should affect how much loot is destroyed, making stright up blob ganking unvaiable source of income

Love it. Scaling of loot % drop based on incoming dps recorded at time of death is a great idea.

This has several, very stupid implications

  • It makes gives groups that coordinate and focus fire a disadvantage to large uncoordinated groups that don't, helping the "more guys" mentality along.

  • If your buddy is obviously going to die, it would be in the advantage of you and all of your friends to turn on him.

  • If this is implemented along with collision damage, expect to see suicide-by-headbutt nonstop.

In addition, it doesn't really fix any problem.

There are plenty of other ways to improve this situation.

An EW ability to bump your target over to another random player around you maybe?  Stuff like that would hurt larger groups much more than smaller ones, but not mess with much of the game too much.