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Good to hear about the mining missions. Thanks for all the replies.

I was able to find a spawn of pelistal drones, which aren't too hard for me with the Arke, and they drop a good amount of those kernels. I guess I will keep hitting those until I have enough money to buy that better robot.

I only wish the game made it a bit more clear what a newbie can do when he has little left in resources to play the game. A few disconnects at the wrong moments can really mess someone up. Also, I only saw 1 or 2 spawns of those pelistal drones. Since they are so critical to newbies, I think there should be a few more out there. Those regular drones only seem to drop bullets. Maybe give them a chance to drop a few kernels.

Any tips on where I can find level 1 decoders? The market usually has few to none for sale. I really hope the market comes alive after release. It is pretty poor right now.


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So, I heard that this is a very deep game, so I got into open beta a few days ago. It took me some time, but I completed all the tutorials and tutorial assignments without too much trouble. While I now know how to do a lot of the basics, I am unclear on what is a productive use of my time. I figure doing various assignments looked like a good idea, so I tried that.

First, I took a transport mission. The package was heavy, and I had to remove almost everything from my robot in order to carry it, but the mission was easy to complete. I tried another transport mission, but the package was far heavier than my robot could carry, so I gave up on that and just went back to my starting terminal.

Next, I took a mining mission. I was told to gather 15000 of an ore at a specific location. Sounds simple enough. I bought some geoscanner and miner charges for this type of ore off the market, loaded up my robot, and I was off. When I got to the location, I saw about 5 other robots that all appeared to be mining there. I tried an area charge, and it only showed 1% of the ore. A tile-based charge showed none of this ore in the ground at all. Two more tile-based charges nearby also showed none of this ore at all.

Returning to the terminal, frustrated, I thought I would try some other kind of assignment. I took an assignment to scan 5 npc robots. Expecting combat, I loaded up the robot I was given for completing all the tutorial assignments. I equipped my chassis scanner, 3 missle launchers, a machine gun, and armor repairer. When I got to the site, I found that these were the toughest bots I have yet faced. I was able to scan a few and retreat, but I couldn't distinguish between the ones I have already scanned, and the ones I hadn't. I figured it would be easier to scan the respawns if I started taking these bots out. These bots were tough, but I was able to destroy them doing some hit and run tactics. After taking out 2 of the 5, I ran away to heal. After my armor was back up, I ran back to loot my kills.

When I ran back in to loot, I double-clicked the dead bots, but nothing happened. A few seconds later, I am dropped out of the game with a message that I was disconnected. I was able to reconnect a minute later, but I wasn't where I last disconnected. I was back at the terminal and missing the robot I was using just minutes before! More frustrated than ever, I ragequit.

Now, it's the next day, and I have calmed down a bit. I took a look at the market, and I can repurchase that lost robot for 408k, it appears. I have less than half of that amount. So, here I stand with the Arke, and the Arke II, not knowing what to do. I have the basics down, but I still don't know what I should be doing in order to thrive in this game.

At this point in time, I can't see myself spending time and money on this game after it comes out. The missions after the tutorial missions seem too hard. I don't understand how they can let people completely mine areas dry that newbies need in order to complete assignments. Why can't there be some instanced mining spots that only appear for people on the assignment? This is not even the worst of it. The deal-breaker for me is the fact that a server disconnect can cause you to lose a very valuable robot.

The fact that the economy is completely player-run doesn't make sense to me. My worry, is that I go out and grind on a bunch of npcs, and I use up all my ammo, but the loot isn't something that anyone wants to buy. Based on what I have seen in the market, it looks like a lot of items are not in demand at all. Once again, what can I do to thrive in this game?