From what i understand you get the Robot Bonus up to x10?
So for example 5% more laser damage will be 50% at max lvl?
And that is one huge bonus! to much if you ask me.
So if we would change that to 2% 'which will be more than enough'' then people wouldent be so forced to just use laser on that mec? sure you loose 20% damage 'at max lvl'if you change weapon type, but you can live without that.
Also you can add multiple weapon bonuses at some mecs.
So for example 2% Laser damage and 2% range on missiles?

So this will make players mix around alot more with the setups and it wouldent be so obvious what setup the mecs come with.

well just an thought


Zhyntil wrote:

Seems about right to me too, 200k bales of hay is a lot, hehe.
Many will have others help haul for them, they drop a can, then have friends grab from the can and run it into station.

its 200.000 worth of herb. If you can sell it at max price.


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Also. If you look at perpetuum vids on youtube, or read post about it on other sites.
There is alot of talk that Perpetuum is to slow and an ''Leg slot item' of this type would really help.

Oh, and my girlfriend that hate all online games and mocking me for sitting on forums also think this is an great idee big_smile so!



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Vorgrim Scout wrote:

Some sort of temporary speed boost would be interesting. Would open up another layer of complexity to engagements.

Don't get all emotional because someone shoots down your ideas. They might not be bad, but look at it from other peoples perspective. Sitting in general chat, you will have to endure hours of every persons great insight into how the game will be so much better if the devs would just implement this or that, mostly without more than a few hours of actually playing the game.

Thankfully, this will die down after beta.


well since there is just 2 types of plant to harvest?

Miners/harvesters cargo bay either to small or the harvested/mined takes to much of space.
even the heavy mec'' in this case the harvester, cant hold more than 200k worth of 'herbs'
and then its an really long walk for the solo player, and i havent seen some kind of leg slot item that add more cargo?
But i gues you can drop an can? but how long will that last? and will it be secure, and how much cargo will that room?

what do you guys think?

Campana wrote:

Right now you are really forced to specialise. More slots would encourage hybrids, and while I really enjoy hybrid builds myself, I think it wouldn't be so good in Perpetuum.

First of all, it would encourage more solo play instead of grouping up.

Second, it would make veteran builds more powerful because they would have the EP to make a really powerful hybrid, which a newbie would lack.

There are a lot of other things you could do to enjoy the game in the first two months to take a break from drone farming. But you think the current options aren't enough, what else do you want to do that isn't running missions, trading, or industry?

well i have spent 6 years of pirating in eve, but i cant see that future in perpetuum, the game radar and lack of 'claok'' hw will i make an suprice attack?
The main reason why i simply want more slots is becouse now the most setups will look the same.. there is no room for experiment sad

Hey lads, since there is an big lack of robots it would be nice to have some more slots on them., just to have some option to trix with some setups  and make the game much more fun. cuse if i for example choose to focos on missiles, i have 1 robot of each robot type to use. if i had the skills, wich i wont have for some mounth.. so?  stay in 1-2 robots in 2 mounth of play with almost no slots and only grind drones?? that doesent sound to cool for me.

sorry for my bad english! big_smile

Overdog wrote:

I would like to see a button in the EP diaogue that allows you verify you EP selection if you choose mulitple extensions and or extension levels at one time before committing to it.  So for example if you wanted to raise Navigation to 5 and Basic Robotics to 4 and Long Range Targeting to 5 and see where your points were before committing to it this would assist with that. 

This would be a great help not only to post launch EP selection but more so for any of us who purchased the early release.  We have a lot of points to spend and it would be great if we could experiment with our points during Ext selection so we are spending our points the way we want.  Its easy to make a mistake and you cant go back at this point as you can only do one Ext and at a time and one rank at a time.

I understand the Perp Skill planner is out there but I personally would rather put my faith into the in game tool rather than a third party one.

If this topic has been brought up before I apologize but I didnt see it in the forums.

This is an really great idee m8, i would love to have this option.


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Eco wrote:

This was just a random thought about the EP system.

I like the idea of not having to devote my life to a game in order to be successful in it. However, there is one flaw in the design which is that once the game is 1 or 2 years old, new players will feel that "catching up" is not an attainable goal.

My suggestion would be to allow the sale of EP for Nic... BUT... you can only sell your EP to people with less EP (or subscription time) than you have. You cannot sell EP to someone who has surpassed your own total EP (used and unused).

This would allow long-time suscribers to have an extra stream of Nic and prevent abuse of the system while simultaneously allowing newer players to catch up if they work for it.


This is an really bad idee. sorry


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I cant get how people want to be able to refund EP, the point of games like this is to spec in one or two things,  but be able to go missiles and get bored, or wait for them to get nerfed and lasers get boosted,  then the hole game deletes there agents and and make an equal good laser agent? naaa.

And Ep shouldent go to the acount. you should make one agent ''primary'' that the EP will go to. period big_smile