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Little issue with the download but after it was done, that did the trick. Thanks !


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I should also add I get a "Unable to open resource file!" error when the download stops.


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Both when attempting to replace Perpetuum file and now uninstall and reinstall the game (fully) my download seems to stop at 12.63 MB, I also notice that going back and forth to some areas of the web page time out.

I have previously downloaded and installed the game (yesterday) but had a moment issue that might be fixed by replacing the Perpetuum file (that is how I got into this mess).

Is it my connection or is there an outage going on?


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I have a Saitek Keyboard and Razer Naga mouse.

I thought maybe it was one of them, but I left them unplugged and I was still moving (without keyboard or mouse input). This does not happen in any other game, and when I pull up chat in-game, my MEK stops and I can chat normally (good test btw). Although I am not ruling a driver issue out (it is a whacky gaming mouse after all), or perhaps incompatibility issue with the game.

I do not have a Yoke, throttle or any other flight like input.
This happens every time I start the game, after a reboot, after creating a new MEK (can’t test del of MEK yet)

I will give the .gdf file a try, and let you know GM Gremrod, thanks.


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From the first time I log in and multiple logins afterward I continue to move and cannot stop. The WASD keys only modify the movement (D will stop me as long as I keep it pressed, A will go in another direction). The over the shoulder camera is over the left of the MEK, as in I see myself walk to the left (the MEKS forward). Num Lock (also auto run) will only studded my movement for a second. Double click with the mouse is not recognized (I do not go towards it).

I attempted to disable auto movement (double W key) in game menu, and unplugged my keyboard and mouse (assuming it was hardware related), with the same result.

I do not see this issue listed so it most likely is my computer, however I never had this issue with any other game.

Any help on this would be great.