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Is it Thursday yet?


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Maynard Benaui wrote:

1) People do not play the game because it is a sandbox or themepark.

This is incorrect. The main reason I am playing Perpetuum is because it's a sandbox. When I check out a game, this is the first thing I want to know about it. Frankly, I couldn't give a *** about robots or mechs, I actually prefer fantasy games. But there are no (working) modern 3D sandboxes of the fantasy genre out there.

There's only EVE and Perpetuum.

And I'm playing Perpetuum not EVE for the same reason as the poster above me. I like my avatar running around on a planetary surface.

Pentence wrote:

Thanks for the awsome chance. Also wow campana all i can say is awsome story i couldnt put it down i had to read it in one sitting.

If ya want i would LOVE to do like some art panels for thatstory especialy the fembot (kekeke) hoping onto the mech.

That would be amazing, I would love it if you did...thanks big_smile

The next fan art thread should probably be some kind of comic strip thing...doesn't even have to be a competition.



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Meek wrote:

Here is how I think this should be done:

  • Local chat is always active when deployed

  • Number of agents/list of agents is hidden

  • Can read messages from players within radar range

  • Messages sent are visible to players within radar range

  • Join/part messages are hidden

This is the best solution I think.

Meek wrote:

One obvious problem of this is conversations that are only half-visible (Alice is within range, Bob is out of range, messages sent by Bob can't be seen by player, but can be seen by Alice).

Doesn't really matter. It's usually fairly obvious when someone is talking to someone else you can't hear yourself.

Alexander wrote:

If you want a local channel, make one.
Should be an office channel for island. Optional to join. No one will join..

This is a really stupid idea, why even bother suggesting it? The whole point is to enhance the immersion and game play, this doesn't.

To all the people who think robots only communicate by radio...why should they? This is an MMO. Making it so that you cannot directly speak to a group of players standing next to you is bad game design. If you are in your robot avatar on Nia, you need to feel that you are inside a little robot avatar, in the company of and interacting with, other robot avatars.

Why should your avatar not be able to broadcast sound over a loudspeaker? Or, hell, if you insist, broadcast a short range radio signal that anyone within 300m can pick up? I mean, do you really think agents sitting in a space station in the future are going to chat to each other only via text messaging inside the station itself?

Why should agents not be able to have open local range communication on the planet? That's where all your activity takes place, that's where you need to interact.

Right now the communication is just a chat channel tagged onto the game, and might as well not be inside the game at all. It's probably the worst designed aspect in Perpetuum at the moment.

Really great effort to put this together Lexor, great initiative. Thanks.

Gratz to the winners.

Siddy wrote:

Congratulation Pentance, the big spider bots are relay nice concept.

To all writers: TL;DR lol

That's ok, we can see that literacy isn't your strong point. smile

Neoxx wrote:
Cid Jorgumeri wrote:

The economics of the Arkhe cannon are indeed difficult to dispute.

Although the logistics of using it immediately on early access might cause some problems.   I may end up launching myself if I'm not careful.

It would take more than a lil baby syn-tec cannon to launch you, surely. tongue

Here is a short story I've been working on. I would have liked to spend a bit more time polishing it, but looks like the deadline is up:


He knew he wasn't going to die. But millions of years of evolution hard wired into his brain disagreed. He struggled, the bot's legs thrashing wildly, and plummeted a few more feet. The bot was now listing far over to the right, and he could feel cold fluid leaking from one of the leg joints. The leg itself felt woolly and unresponsive. The vines entangling him trembled and he twisted the chassis round. There were three mechs poised on the trunk above him, looking down at him with scarlet eyes.

He sent a frantic request to the duty op…who took her sweet time responding. The hunter mechs used the time to flow down the vines like they were surfing on silk, moving with inhuman grace and speed. His bot bucked in response to panicked signals from his brain.

You can feel pain. That's what the trainer had said, during their orientation. Sensory feedback was supposed to encourage agents be more careful about company property.

Right now Alan felt very encouraged to say *** company property.

Click here to continue reading The Ghost Project...

What you need is a transportation company. I think this was a way people made money in EVE (although it was a target for scammers who would offer courier contracts then suicide gank the transporter and claim the deposit).

Why we need some kind of contract/deposit system.

I didn't get an impression this was a mech only game. I thought it was a robot and mech game, and nothing on the website made me think different. The login sceen had a little robot thing next to a bigger humanoid mech, and I certainly didn't expect to get a humanoid mech to start with. The info on the website specifically states the range of robots that are extant on Nia, and humanoid mechs were only one kind of many.

If anything, it's a criticism of the launch trailer inaccurately portraying the game, not of the game itself being wrong for starting you in an ant.

Aven Valkyr wrote:

TARGETTING SYSTEM: [...] wouldn't it be SO much easier if the primary was automatically switched over to the next bot that was targetted?

I definitely wouldn't want this feature, so if it was added, it would need to be an option you can toggle on or off. I want to choose my next primary target myself, not have it chosen for me, as i don't necessarily target things in the order I want to kill them.

Aven Valkyr wrote:

LANDMARKS WINDOW: [...] why not give each player the ability to move around the columns so that icon, distance, and angle are all right beside eachother for example.

Yep, why not? Sounds good to me.

Aven Valkyr wrote:


Sounds like ammo needs to be cheaper, don't think walking speed is the solution here. Have you tried making ammo yourself?

Aven Valkyr wrote:

  The market needs to be rebalanced.  The mech that you get at the end of the 10 mission tutorial mission session is great, but costs 450k on the market, and is not invincible.  I already got mine blown up, and there's no way in sin I have the money to replace it.

You can easily farm 100k per farming trip in an arkhe (with syn-tec fittings) on the named starter mobs (nuimquol, pelistal or thelodica drones). Four to five trips and you have enough to replace your yagel or whatever light mech you had. This is particularly easy if you make sure you use guns that can take the ammo that they drop, because then your ammo costs are lower.

Aven Valkyr wrote:

It takes so long to farm the money to buy anything, because it costs so much money just for ammo.  So, make the ammo cheaper.

I've heard closed beta tester guys saying that market prices are grossly inflated right now, partly because a lot of people are just waiting for release. I would wait and see what happens after release, but if more people are manufacturing it the price may drop. I agree it is too expensive now, but this may be just a beta thing. It is a problem that the missions aren't really worth it, you are better off just killing stuff as a combat pilot.

Aven Valkyr wrote:

  From what I can tell so far, the missions that you get in the starting areas take you to some extremely difficult NPC's, and even in the mech that you get from finishing the training tutorial will get owned in these areas, doing these missions.  So for the easier NPC drones, such as pelistals, there are no missions.

There aren't many combat missions which are practical to do on the arkhe, which I agree there should be. I only found one where the mobs to kill were nuimqol drones. There are several missions you can do on the light mech from the tutorial. I did find that with some of the mobs I had to lure them out from their buddies before I could kill them, and half the time they would run away to the back of the group, and I would have to start again with a closer one. But it was possible. I do think we need clearer labels for how powerful mission mobs are so that you can choose the ones suitable for whatever you are driving.

Neoxx wrote:

Its nice to see people volunteering to translate the game into other languages!

He's not asking for that tongue

He's asking for the scripts for those languages to be available in chat channels. The devs don't need to speak Japanese to be able to do that, I would assume.

Vorgrim Scout wrote:

Man up.

Yes. And you know exactly where you can shove your sparkly rainbow coloured unicorns, by the way.


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An in-game bug reporting system is cool so long as it brings up an in game UI where you can just fill in the details and press enter. If it's one that just opens up the forums in an in game UI, I probably wouldn't use it because they tend to be slower and laggier and more annoying in game. I'd just stick to making reports separately.

If you're going to add a /report function, why not just /petition to open the general GM petition window? Are we going to get one of those?

Edit: oh, and you forgot /dance. Surely the most important one lacking atm tongue

Hmm. What would you suggest instead of the ant?

People expect to be given crappy stuff when they start an MMO. You have to leave a lot of room for improvement, to give them something to work towards, and provide the sense of achievement from getting it.

I actually dislike the idea of catering to instant gratification. Particularly in a style of game that does not guarantee end game success to a player. When I first logged in to my ant, and saw a bipedal mech stalking around, I immediately wanted one myself, and that was a reason to keep playing....not a reason to log out.

I mostly agree with this. You should be able to specialise more into R&D than Mechanics, if you really wanted to.

On the other hand...right now attribute choosing is very simple, and this is a good thing considering people do it before they have learnt the game, and can't change it afterwards.

For instance, I wanted a combat pilot, and just shoved all my points in tactics/mechatronics, because it seemed the obvious thing to do. Tthe less complicated the choices at the beginning the better.

I like Alexander's solution though. I'd like it if you could choose minor and major options after character creation. Customisation is best left till as late as possible.


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Liverbest wrote:

I was able to find a spawn of pelistal drones, which aren't too hard for me with the Arke, and they drop a good amount of those kernels. I guess I will keep hitting those until I have enough money to buy that better robot.

I don't know aobut pelistal drones because I haven't explored that area a lot, but try a little bit further afield. You do risk running into high level stuff, but there are some low level spawns hidden in further away places. I made waypoints for all my favourite spawns, and if I go to one and find someone already busy farming it I just go on to the next one.

Check out what skills you want to level most/first. Then check what attributes those skills are associated with. Then choose those attributes.

A lot of people will buy a second account if they want an industry alt, rather than trying to do it all on one character.

http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … m-planner/

I think the first thing they need to do is revamp the avatar creation system completely. I spent half an hour wrestling with it trying to come up with something that looked normal. And human.

Fiben Bolger wrote:

I don't think life on this world has evolved past plant life.  The robots certainly don't give a crap what color it is.  This would be like Earth before animals invaded the land.  There were plants on land long before animals, and they were probably all drab.

Unless, of course, the robots turned out to like pretty things.

The bots are the equivalent of animals, and they harvest plant life because it has useful organic substances. If the bots have been there long enough for plant life to have evolved in their presence, then the wild plant life will have developed ways to use the bots to propogate themselves (e.g. large colourful pods, etc).

I guess I'm saying that there is some hard core sci-fi going on in the design here.

I'd like to see the ROCKs have more saturated colors.  Plant life is sparse, and so I suppose is soil.

The devs can twist the lore any which way they please to fit the gameworld. And I don't think the background is a good enough excuse to have a drab coloured world.

I'm sure they have improvements planned, they just haven't got around to it yet. Plus the final intention is for the world to be very heavily player modified (structures, plantations, excavations etc).

But I think they could make a difference now just by adding a bit more colour.

Alexander wrote:

Depends. We either say Sc-Own or Sc-On. However the former sounds more sophisticated and is the way most of my friends and family pronounce it.

I rest my case tongue

(This thread is about coloUr dammit!!)

Maynard Benaui wrote:
Neoxx wrote:

You spelled color wrong in the title and once in the post.   Just thought I'd let you know.

UK spelling.

He knows. He's just jealous because he's on the wrong side of the Atlantic where they don't know how to pronounce the word "scones" properly.

Right now you are really forced to specialise. More slots would encourage hybrids, and while I really enjoy hybrid builds myself, I think it wouldn't be so good in Perpetuum.

First of all, it would encourage more solo play instead of grouping up.

Second, it would make veteran builds more powerful because they would have the EP to make a really powerful hybrid, which a newbie would lack.

There are a lot of other things you could do to enjoy the game in the first two months to take a break from drone farming. But you think the current options aren't enough, what else do you want to do that isn't running missions, trading, or industry?

Arcsin wrote:


What a pretty shade of pink, I'm sure you spent hours choosing it. Would you like to be friends?

Ok, maybe the purple was a mistake.

But I'm glad to see some people agree with me tongue

I'd just like to see e.g. some blue shading on the vegetation and rocks in Attalica, and the same but with reds and oranges in the Asian area. The other island looks fine, since it's covered in green.

I think what's there looks pretty realistic and it definitely looks alien, but it's a gameworld. It needs to look eye catching, which right now it doesn't.


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Equip your arkhe Mk II with whatever guns you specialise in + armour repairer + plates

Find the basic drones for your faction area which drop the ammo of the guns you use (Nuimquol drones, Thelodica drones whatever). For this reason take one autocannon along, purely because they drop bullets. This just means you don't need to buy or make any ammo.

You can basically just sit there and kill them as they respawn.

Once your hold is full of kernals, go back and sell them to the market. Some weapons sell fairly well too (like EM guns).

=100k or more per farming trip

It's a lot quicker than missions if you don't have a big enough cargo capacity for the transport assignments.