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Lege wrote:

Saves you having to spec up accum regen extensions, more EP for damage.

and the drainers cost no ep?


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hmm I've noticed it's changed, the only one out of place now is the universal scanner charge, it's between the adv. tile (HDT) and adv. tile (liqiuzit) charges.
but thanks allot, you've made my day smile


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Neoxx wrote:

This is much needed.   Even when trying to rename them for easy finding its still hard because they dont organize properly.

i am not talking about the scanning results, i am talking about the charges you load in the scanner, on my pc they are all mixed up as i say above...

If i rename the scanner data you talk about, they DO sort alphabetically so i do not have the issue you mentioned


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i noticed that the various scanner charges, (area, tile an adv. tile) are not sorted alphabetically, in fact, all types of charges are mixed up so that the list goes something like: adv. tile, area, area, tile, adv. tile, area, tile, etc...
this occurs in all storage folders and cargo, and when right-click the scanner while you are in the field and then choosing "ammo/charge".
this makes it a pain in the exhaust pipe to find a specific type of charge, especially when going on large scanning trips... sad

i was wondering if this could be fixed so that they are sorted alphabetically, because this would make finding and selecting specific charge types allot easier.

if screenshots are needed just ask but i think this bug/feature is reproducable on any account...