This would be great if it worked with the eqip screen.  So it would show you that with two more levels of extension x, you can now fit that extra module y, etc.


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Demon wrote:
Immortal wrote:

So this is the M2S that everyone talks about in fear in general chat. Do you guys live on the pvp islands or one of the pve islands.

Could you suck up to these guys any harder? Guess you're hoping this will make them let you in. Good luck on the bandwagon.

u mad bro?

I don't understand.


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Still no word?


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Naw, just make it so that you can only move a character to a new account, or that any EP on the target acocunt is wiped prior to transfer.  Any mechanic that lets you spend banked EP on a charatcer that orginated on a different account is broken.