untill the devs look into the  umm feature  intendes or not. I have given the order for our guys to pull out. The mass combat is fun but the sitting and stairing at each other till someone gets trigger happy is not.  Once the flagging has been looked into we will look at the mass combat then, as the missions will be about soon that will be our next goal.

To SoT  thanks for the fun the big fights looked great on the video.
I know my guys enjoyed  and hope your guys did as well

Atman  thats a good point  ummmm  i dont have an answere for that smile

Sorry to disapoint you smack  no funds or goods  were paid /given to M2S 

i think they just want some mass combat testing   the vidio looked to good
and everyone wants to get on the next one smile

Zoom  message me if you need any update on the flagging
Also  i experianced some delay on leaving the station  and i belive  i saw one of the SOT guys have the same delay. if there are a lot of chars outside the station undocking can take the full or more than the 10 second protection timer.As the player spawns and can be shot but the player has a black screen and can not react to aggression, this may need some looking at. But all in all the server ect seems to be holding up fine to large groups  there has been some jumping of bots  but i belive that to be more the players conection/set up  than server side.

Finaly to those looking in  large scale combat is great fun and the game holds up well to it

vintnor   i am sure we can take care of that   
as soon as the flag issues are looked at smile

should be great fun

I dont realy care who lost what,


and i hope all who take part are as well.

There will always be diffrences in loses.  The only realy way to keep trak is for the system to keep trak of the kills.

I know all our side  enjoyed the fight  and i saw no one being silly on either side
and i want to keep it that way in game and on the forums.

ive had the same issues  the only fix i could come up with was to re install  i now have a clean copy that i use to replace the buged one. That gets rid of the graphic issues seems to be client side.

working on the 10   but  there still needs to be a way to trade other than the market

sinister   all minerals are in game and all charges as zoom said are available

and we tried to sell some robots  and put them in a field container to trade them It turns out you cant do this and lose the bots  sad  can we get a trade option in station  or have the containers made to take good other than raw mats  (im a greedy bugger  hate paying tax )

is it possable to double the range on the field containers

its a little small for group minning opps

it would be nice to have a quick place to check for known bugs

we had a production run of  2 heavy mecs and 7 assult bots going before new year,
the production timers have finished on all items.
there is no bots in the personal storage.

the mats are gone
the licences are gone
are the bots just on hold somewhere in the system
or are the mats/licence lost?

i am aware of 3 other producers that have the same issue and one patent that has disapered.

pat on the back Nick well done

added  i think this needs a sticky

ohhhh   i see   thats to small in the heat of battle from my point of view id like the hole line colored as your name below is  and any color would do smile

ok i must have it turned off all my corp mates are clear and look the same as avery other player that i do not have a standing with. like in your picture your name is green.do i need to turn somthing on to get them to have the green i.e set my own corp standings to good with corp ?

opps sorry zoom must have been asllep smile

yep that green would be fine to my mind.


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I realy do not like the player base from the F2F that ive tried.
So if it is F2F i dought i will be taking part in live, P2P players have more comitment to the game and more to lose ,
If we do take part as a corp we would not take anyone who is F2P in with us.
So we will see what happens when the official line comes out , I have seen many beta discusions on this same topic.

my colors we just examples any will do just for quick checks its easier with diffrent colors for diffrent things.

i realy do not mind what color it is,it would just makes it easier to tell friend from foe smile

in the landmarks friends are green hostiles are set to red on standings  otheres are clear and cop mates are clear could the corp mates show up yellow or blue in the land mark window

could we have corp mates show up in a colour i can set friends and enemies  would be nice to see my own smile  thanks


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yes i agree i do see your point all we as testers can do if find the issues and post them
what the devs do is there choice but i would put the bug/issue in a simple formate that way it stoped the long posts that sometimes do not help your argument i have seen good points lost or taken in another direction from this. keep it short and to the point if you want a change made smile.


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mr white this in not EVE
as to the shoot into policed space that is a dev issue that is there choice we need to voice our consernes but its there game we play i have my view  they used to be able to use ewar in safe the devs  took that away


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Just a question.
since when were there safe and pvp islands.  I do not delive there ever was or ever will be.  There are policed areas on island  and there may be some isues with where the line is drawn  but as far as i know there has never been safe islands. As to the PVP aspect IT NEEDS TO TESTED and the guys that are testing im my view have done a great job, they do not sit in help going nar nar nar we killed you ect they move one till someone complaines at them in help, then they defend themselves and from what ive seen i think they are testing well.
1. so dont go near the end of protected space if you dont want to risk losing your mec.
2. just becouse someone is nice in help chat does not mean they wont kill you in unpoliced space (the community needs to keep talking so we can identify bugs  so please do not make these guys leve help as we need then to talk to ).
3 if you get asked to go into a red zone to go farm  ask yourself are you the one getting farmed simple but true.

finaly red = dead if you do not watch what is going on  with high risk comes great reward

from a chat in help this morning  would it be possable to have an ammo storage for use out and about, from a quick check of the guys on line everyone uses 15 to 20 % of there cargo hold for ammo.
Once you have a few drops that are damaged and back you go to drop off .
having ammo in its own area would increase the usable cargo we have as it does not take very long to fill up and can be a very long walk back to station.