Bunkerkind Anni wrote:
Alexander wrote:

Long Range Electronic Warfare doesn't effect it? Interesting..

could be because of the fact that... they are no electronic warfare modules.

Good reading skills.  Also, I think it's "Troiar" not "Trojar".  I think the point of the range is to discourage everyone from equipping these.

This game world could stand for some more saturated colors, though on the plants it would make no sense unless there was animal life, as well.  Plants become colorful to make some part of their anatomy enticing to animals.  Those of us with more of the X chromosomes evolved mostly on the important and productive gathering side of the hunter/gatherer equation, so they may feel the importance of color more deeply, unlike the hunter types (who by the way spent more time talking trash around the fire and killing each other than hunting).

I don't think life on this world has evolved past plant life.  The robots certainly don't give a crap what color it is.  This would be like Earth before animals invaded the land.  There were plants on land long before animals, and they were probably all drab.

Unless, of course, the robots turned out to like pretty things.  I guess I'm saying that there is some hard core sci-fi going on in the design here.

I'd like to see the ROCKs have more saturated colors.  Plant life is sparse, and so I suppose is soil.


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I want to chip in that I like the exploration aspect of mining.

From a PVP point of view, having static nodes means that you will have to bring some muscle to mine anything valuable on the beta islands.  Or be super sneaky and learn how to pull out fast.  You still won't know if this or that area is depleted until you scan.  Or which tiles will be productive.  And newer corps will have to learn for themselves the geology of the land.  I think it is very realistic.


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Crusty Stonebiter wrote:

Perhaps if the actual process of mining were faster, but the ore weight made getting back to a terminal the longer part it would be more exciting.

Imagine: You go out to your mining spot and your robot tears into the ground, shoveling in the ore. You get about 1.0U every 10 seconds per standard mining arm so you fill up in under two minutes. You fill up fast, but now the weight of the ore is factored into your top speed calculation and you have to get home safely at a speed of 15kph.

Mining still takes time, so it doesn't flood the market with cheap ore, but the time-sink is spent actively, rather than passively.

I think the OP wants to put less thought into mining and have more pretty things to look at.  I like the mining system in this game, it is similar to exploration in stEVE.  Mining in that other game is for the birds, if you ask me.


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The mining missions have a serious flaw and there is a thread about it in the Balancing section:

http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … ing-empty/

It is always possible to find your own spot to mine and then keep going back to it.


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Speed tank?  I read somewhere that guns have tracking mechanics in Perpetuum.


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I have been playing a hybrid character.

The PVE combat is challenging, but you can make ends meet.  It's fun, as well.

I haven't had any trouble selling manufactured goods in beta so far, or turning a profit.

So, do whatever floats your boat.


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There is no synergy between the mining missions and the mining mechanics.  Making mining more like exploration is an improvement over that other game.

The tutorial shows you how to do it.

Then you run a million repeatable missions where they tell you exactly where to look.

This wasn't thought out, at the very least.

Just make people look for the deposits.


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Have we seen any more PVP in the past week or so?  It is easier to stay in the black?  Can anyone comment on this (from actual experience).  I'm curious.  I've been too busy to even log on for a bit.


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Bunkerkind Anni wrote:

i got a confirmation from CRM that the LoS calculation is using different hights for different bots... and its not from feet to feet. Alexander, your suggestion wouldn't make any difference at all, because its already in.

the real problem is the interpolation of the heightmap for the LoS calculation. The terrain looks completely different for the SERVER as it does for the player.

I wished a DEV could make a screenshot of the terrain how it looks for the server

This might not be easy to fix.  A cheap hack might to to make all of the bots slightly taller than they are for calculations based on some average of vertex to vertex high variations.  Or to smooth the map.

We shoot a bump in the map that is near us, that we can't see, that is why the animation has us shooting at our feet.  If the calculation either elevated the shooter to avoid obstruction of local terrain or simply ignored the terrain in your immediate area, that would simulate how you can shoot around a boulder in front of you, but not around the boulder in front of the other guy.


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Alexander wrote:

I have one for you. We lost two heavy mechs in a fight but ended up driving the enemy away and were left with the loot of around 10 kills.
We ended up with three prototyped items, 5 LWF and around 16k ammo. (If I remember correctly)

Either way the loot we got combined with our 'affordable' loss meant we'd turned a pretty good profit on it all. Giving us twice as much loot would have been INSAIN. We ended up some technology we hadn't bothered to prototype and it meant we were able to produce a few of them for giggles.

If 50% of a T4 fit robot drops then it's no big deal but then scale that up to the entire fight and you're looking at so much loot that the winner is by far the one who loots and no the one who kills. As anyone can loot this is a terrible number. A third party can come along steal the loot and become super rich without firing 1 gun. I wouldn't be surprised if people began vulturing PVP fights because of the 50% drop rate.

As for vultures on a battlefield, so what?  Is this a sandbox?  When a battle was planned, the Norsemen used to say, "The ravens will eat well today."  Nothing has ever been truer.

I was recently burned by the lack of world PVP in Fallen Earth, a game which advertised it's World PVP from the start.  For the most part, it hasn't materialized.

So far I've been successful selling on the market.  My only issue has been a lack of things to buy when I need them.  This is driving me to learn to make them for myself.  In short, a lack of goods to purchase will drive the market towards self-sufficiency  Meanwhile, I tooled around the Beta isles for hours and found no PVP.  Those experiences seem to be common, so I will call them the facts.  Not enough goods for the market, not enough PVP.  Given what we have, the boost makes sense.  If even some of this PVP loot makes it to market, then I can actually test the market.  If people go out to the isles for PVP loot, then I can actually test the PVP.

They can always tweak the drop rate again later.


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GM Kami wrote:

combat-economic hybrid would have his role as "NEXUS group buffer" and Mission runner.

btw, your idea has only one flaw - you can't trade CTs

I noticed that last night.

How easy is it to learn all of the knowledges?  Will this be common?  Or will some of the knowledges remain rare in the foreseeable future?


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I like the legs.  A killer robot running 100 m/s should look creepy.


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You get two robots by doing the beginner questline.  The first is an Arkhe II and the second is a starter robot for your faction.


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I haven't tested this, it's just a perception, but I seem to get more hits when I am downhill from my target.


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Alexander wrote:

I like the idea. Honestly assignments could be removed and the game wouldn't really notice it. It's not an integrated part, it's like they duct taped it on to the side. Not the assignment makers fault but more the mechanic designer.

Good point about how they won't be missed, except the payout, of course, and the faction gains.  They don't add anything in terms of content, though.  They'd really need dungeons for that, and this game is pure open sandbox, no instancing that I've seen.


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Recycling is a great option in another game.  Actually, in that game, when I don't want to calculate the cost/benefit of recycling versus selling to a buy order versus opening up a sell order....I just shift click and recycle everything that looks like junk.  That is most of the time, considering the amount of loot you get from a mission in that game.

Perpetuum is a different game, and more realistic, because the modules you get from blowing the #@$# out of an enemy ship are damaged.  They have to be repaired, and the costs are high.  It makes sense as long as recycling doesn't yield as much cash as selling a module in perfect condition.  Recycling should not be your default option for an item in good condition.

However, most items aren't going to be in good condition, so they get recycled for whatever pure materials you can extract from a melted, charred mass of junk.  The mechanics work, removing noob items from the game when the market is flooded.  And you still have to actually mine for stuff.  Even the mining is more interesting.  It reminds me of exploration in that other game.

It is not as easy to get rich that way, I know.


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Maynard Benaui wrote:
Fiben Bolger wrote:

It's not good to go out there in an Arkhe.

It isn't smart to engage something you cannot beat and that applies to both islands.

Doing so is usually classified as ID-10T error.

Who engaged?  They engaged me.   I didn't lose my arkhe.  I ran.  But I can verify that it is better to stay on the Alpha islands for a bit.


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Dhatz wrote:

actualy it would be much appreciated if the mining missions didnt require you to mine in specific areas, so the area shown would only hint where some minerals were at the start.
this aspect needs a lot of work and the whole project is gonna fail miserably if it's gonna be rushed(they say Q4 2010, OMG it's way soon, it's already Q4).

You bring up an excellent point.  Frankly, taking a mission to tell you exactly where the minerals are breaks the entire game mechanic of looking for them in the first place.  You could take out the target area altogether and make mining an actual challenge.

The mechanic of area scanning, then tile scanning, then mining will not be used as long as people can get the locations from missions.  They will take the shortcut, and then qq when they have to actually look, because they have it in their mind that it should be easy.  They wouldn't qq, if you just made them look for it in the first place and left them no other option.


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I've noticed that some of the mechanics in this game have caused consternation among the pure industrialists.  In particular, the NPC buy orders on Kernels are an issue.

I think that our model of the character role ecosystem might be too simplistic.  There are many hybrid builds that result from character creation.  My current one in beta is an industrial/combat hybrid.  I think of him as a field researcher.

I understand that the process of prototyping is only cost effective with rare items.  This is one place where a hybrid build can find a niche in the ecosystem.  It is the buy orders that allow that niche.  Most combat builds are going to vendor those kernels to pay for their ammo.  That means that they will remain rare and I can hunt for them myself and go for the big payoff when my research leads me to knowledge of a rare item.

This role is also helped by the separate mechanism of Reverse Engineering to produce production templates or whatever they are called.  This is something that I can sell.

Frankly, I'd rather not spend my EP in every aspect of production.  So, I will focus on Prototyping and Reverse Engineering.  I can sell Prototypes and Production Templates, hopefully, and not bother with mining, mass production or bringing goods to market.

So, I'm here to say thank you for the NPC buy orders on kernels.

The industrialist/logistics role is pretty clear.  My question is, what is the role of a combat/logistics hybrid?


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Alexander wrote:

There are level 2 and 3 recycling plants as well as TWO recycling extensions.
If you train all that you must really hate mining though. wink

That sounds like an option for combat/industrial hybrid builds, like me.  I personally like the way some of the crap I loot is too FUBAR to be worth much of anything.  It's realistic.  This gnarled piece of metal was once an autocannon.  It costs too much to repair to make it worth selling, I might as well recycle it.  Of course, if it is a rare item, it might be worth repairing.  I have no problem with that.  It's the kernels and decoders I'm after, anyway, as a field researcher.  I can sell those to Maynard and smile at the face he makes when I tell him the price.  :-)


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Alexander wrote:

With their extra slots I am sure that's a possible solution but requires very close teamwork.
Shields are not bad but they're not great for solo work. In a team however shielded enemies will take longer to kill and thus are usually avoided. If they are being transferred energy then the transferee will become the new target.

Exactly.  Then he has to turn his shield on, and he gets the transfers.  It might be a tough nut to crack, if they were rehearsed in the drill.  Speed is not top priority with a group like that.  Staying in formation is.


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Maynard Benaui wrote:
Alexander wrote:

How about that?

How? Your statement just makes no sense...

If I wanted to go on Beta islands, I can do that at day 1, there are drone and low rank NPC spawns too.

I went out to the Beta islands on my second day.  Those bots were kicking my ass from 300 meters away.  It's not good to go out there in an Arkhe.


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Demon wrote:

Dev already said in chat that terraforming type stuff will be on new islands only, islands they haven't added yet. Terraforming won't be possible on the alpha or beta islands as it sounds. Think of alpha islands like empire space, and beta islands as low sec, nobody can own or build on it. 0.0 is where that happens. Perpetuum just doesn't have its 0.0 yet.

That is encouraging.  It sounds as though the developers understand what needs to happen.


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Have any of you guys tried Energy Transfer modules on a Pelistal team?  I see the Pelistal as a group that moves together and engages in AP warfare on a team level.  Neuting with the Ictus, stealing it with the Troiar, and then...this is key...sharing it with Energy Transfer.

So, the poor bastard who is focus-fired by the opponents puts up his shield and everybody hits him with some AP.  If the Ictus needs AP, he gets it from his team.  The Troiars steal it from the opponents and then transfer it to their own team.  AP is share and share alike.

If Pelistal teams played like this, then the poor ECM bots would have a use as well, wouldn't they?  I could be wrong here, if you don't need to target in order to use cap transfer.  But, if you do need to target to use cap transfer, then ECM is the best weapon against such an approach.  Has anyone tried this?  Or has it all been run around pew pew in Closed Beta?