GM Kami wrote:

Merrek - that example of me would mean that you have less extensions skilled but get no compensation (a NERF actually).

Oh I understand. Very clever.

GM Kami wrote:

done. missile user dont get extension they think they dont need, and turret users sitting in the same boat. noone has advantage, and all have disadvantage.

Sounds good to me. I'd rather spend the points myself where I want them.

Alexander wrote:

400k Per hour is terrible.
Great for a 1 day old character but terrible for a week old character.

Blackomen wrote:

Keep in mind, those transport missions netting you 400k. Require a sequer to pull in that kind of cash. So your character has to be at the very least 4 days old. (From 0 ep) so as Alex said, it's poor income at that point.

Sorry to break it to you guys, but that IS with a one day old character. It's 400k an hour doing ONE transport mission at a time in a triangle with the starter robot. You want to talk Sequer? It can run 8 simultanious 9U transport missions in a triangle making 3-4 million per hour before you even account for diplomacy skills (which is a large increase if you spend the EP). Not to mention pointing out that unlike farming tier 3 spawns, there is zero cost (ammo) and zero danger to doing these runs; not to mention unlike farming you also get Reputation increases.

I'm just saying I think their payout is disproportionate to other missions. You can't complete mining or even military missions that fast and those rewards aren't even as good.


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GM Gremrod wrote:

Maybe just some type of spark upgrade?

1. A spark that upgrades Military attributes.
2. A spark that upgrades Industry attributes.
3. A spark that upgrades Logistics attributes.

Only one can put used at a time and are lost when removed.

Of course they are lost when you get blown up.....

Would anyone see this approach making it more complex then what is needed?

Anyone else have some other ideas?

Edit: But to be clear no new features will happen until some time in the future after release.

This work work pretty much like Implants. I like the idea of being able to boost "off-spec" stats. For example, if I'm an industry character but want to spend a couple weeks to get into an assult mech to run missions for kernels, I could just put in a "Military" implant and help that along faster. Same goes for any other role dabbling in any other role. It is a better alternative to setting permanent attributes for military when I will only use it some, or going without and paying out the wahzoo in extra EP just to get a few combat skills.

And XrayIT, I do see what the proposition suggests, I'm just saying that if you looking at only once, for one character, in the very beginning, you are talking about a highly negliable amount of EP and it isn't worth yet another system in an already complex game. The only reason I'd see something like this as viable is for preorders because you can potentially dump 20 days worth of training into a skill that you might have read wrong on accident and doesn't help you, but that isn't the same as a guy playing for 2 days and restarting. Not by a long shot.

To bring this back into a balancing issue. I'd like to say that doing transport missions over and over has a huge profit margin over any other type of mission. You can get 400k per hour on a new character just taking instant teleports between the Alpha stations. If the 6/10 is a limit to that, it isn't enough. I think the NIC rewards for the transport missions should be much less instead of just limiting which exact one you can take (there are enough to where 6/10 doesn't matter)


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I definitely do *not* want to see a set of extensions that effect attribute gain. Learning skills in Eve were a horrible time sink and made "efficiency" into sitting around for 2 and a half months doing nothing.

As far as limited refunds, I think under normal circumstances they aren't necessary. If a new player logs in for the first time and makes an industrial character but two days later realizes they want to play combat instead, they only lose two days of EP to change  (which in the long run means nothing, especially compared to staying in a role you don't like).

The same logic applies for a character "refund" of points to redistribute. If you start a combat character and put some points into guns instead of missiles, you already can completely restart the character losing ONLY what you spend on missiles (because EP is ALREADY transferred if you make a new character).

This isn't Eve. Age of the character means nothing. A new character could have 40k EP given to him at creation that was "earned" on a different character. You can make a brand new character and be in a heavy mech in 15 minutes if you've saved the EP's. Therefore, you are ONLY going to "lose" EP's that you spend. In the case of a new character that will be negligible at best, especially considering that low end levels are 24 hours of EP tops.

Overcomplicating things is not necessary.


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To some extend I think this is already possible.

You go to an area and scan it. It gives you the current data. You mine a square until it is depleated, then you pick another square from that scan. If you want to share the data then give someone the upload information which is sitting in your cargo hold. For a solo miner, unless you happened to forget which squares you've mined from, one scan is enough. There is a reason the scanners hold multipul charges. For a mining group, it isn't all that unreasonable that you'd just take perodic scans to keep track of usage and the foremen keeps everyone on the right square.

Constantly updating scans is unnessessary, just take a new scan and share the upload; they are time stamped afterall.

I don't think we need THAT level of control Alexander.

I do think that it is slightly confusing that everyone gets Autocannons when they start even though you quickly need to specalize into your own race's weaponry. It was a good point that with the new tutorial giving you a light bot, racial combat skills are even more important and you'll only be in the Arkhe for less than an hour. I agree that the Pelistral pure combat character starts at a disadvantage from lack of missile skills. If kenetic weapons are going to be included, each starting race should have the bare minimum required to equip it and any other points spent in racial specific weaponry. The fact that you start with so many points in it alludes to you needed to continue training them as opposed to the more relevent usage of the points into new racial specific skills.