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Its probably too early to make any blanket statements about anything being too strong right now. What were the biggest fights you all got into?

What is a big deal in 5v5 might not be of any consequence in 20v20

Thats a damn shame. Hope they can sort something out for you soon. Missing early access has to sting a bit.

Yup, no danger whatsoever getting within 200 metres of a group of mechs. The bushes will save you!

Now if we talking a max extension Zenith, thats another story, but one that is a long way off worrying about.


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Maybe its when your sub runs out?

Steel. I think you are wasting your time posting. I'm not sure what your native tongue is, but you should find someone who can interpret for you, because google translate isn't doing the job.


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Asians are too hooked on trying to make things cute and due to economics and culture of the region the western mmo model is not a sound option for them. I grew up on Nintendo, so its hard for me to admit that they are useless.

Americans just want to make a quick buck. Not interested in making good games as far as I can tell.


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ECM strenght extensions effect suppresor strength now and Nuimqol ewar bonus to ECM now efects both ecm and supression strength. (chance to hit, not how hard the supression is)

i think my t3 supressor was around 75 hw3 75*1.6  = 120 (180 for nuimqol)

Since 125 is the highest natural, you can expect supression to be 100% before ECCMs come into play at "endgame".

Against a Nuimqol, you are going to need to stack ECCMs to reduce the chance below 100%.


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There are like 30+ extensions solely dedicated to increasing cpu/reactor/accumulator size and reducing the amounts different modules use of these resources.

I think its safe to say, not being able to equip and stabilise the best modules in your just out of the tutorial Castel is very much intended.


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I freely admit that I never tested shields, but from what is being said here it seems they need reworking.

If the only answer to fighting Pelistal (and seth) is to bring Ictus' or Zerging them down, there is an issue.

I don't want shields to be useless, but they sound out of control in skilled hands.


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Well, that has to change. Lowering shields should put atleast a 10 second cooldown on them.


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I never got a chance to test them.

Are shield users nigh invulnerable without someone neutering them?

Riddle me this. Why I have run over bush, and at me still shoot?

Zenith change shocked me at first too.

Vagabonds now have the most reliable ecm AND suppressors, which is something to think about.

As for Ictus, I still reckon they will be scary, especially with injector charges taking up more room now. No cap = useless.

Weren't you boasting the other day that you kill Intakts in 2 volleys?


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Ok, i'm going to type this very slowly so you can understand.

2 accounts. account A and account B

A has my character on it and I spend the EP as I get it
B has no characters on it, I just let the EP accumulate

After a few months, I move my character from A to B and spend the EP account B has on my character.
Wait a few more months and move it back to A and do the same.

You can add accounts C,D, E etc and see where this ends up.


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Styx wrote:

EP is account based not character therefore there is no problem with stockpiled EP on an account.

Example. I buy 2 accounts and let the second just gather dust accumulating EP for a few months. then move my character over from the first to the second and have months of additional EP to spend.

Then let the first one gather EP and repeat. it wouldn't even be limited to 2 accounts, only so many accounts as you were prepared to pay for and transfer fees. Its a pay to win system that can be avoided by just not allowing characters to be transferred.


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I can see a reason why EP resets could be troublesome from a technical standpoint anyway. CEOs being the major one. what would happen to a corporation owned by said character when it loses its points in management extensions? Active bots, fittings production lines and buy/sell orders etc.

As for character transfers. Sounds like a headache to keep it from being abused. Stockpiled EP would have to be wiped at the very least. in conjunction with any type of EP reset, the potential for abuse skyrockets.

Best to just not allow either.


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EP reset would be a nice source of income, but its a form of pay to win, which I cannot endorse.

The new FOTM builds would be accessable to those prepared to pay, but not those who refuse.

I can say with absolute certainty that a 2 month old combat agent will be more than welcome in a beta isle pvp group. Is he going to be able to 1v1 an agent with 6 months more ep than him? Probably not, unless the fittings play into his favour dramatically, but if thats what you want from the game I think you are dreaming.

What you are asking for is the removal of the rpg element of the game, which i have to tell you is the main reason people play mmorpgs rather than shooters, which are better for pure fragging and skilled play.

My suggestion is if you don't like the fundamentals of mmorpg gameplay, stick to shooters or SC2 (excellent game).

Whats wrong with paypal? I don't see what the fuss is about.


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The problem with instances is they take people out of the game world.

Whether they be pve or pvp, they will directly take from the pool of players who would otherwise be out there to fight. Which is bad.

If you want scripted bosses, why not have them spawn in PvP areas, so we can fight over rights to killing them? Sounds way more interesting than any instanced based pve.


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It seems the difficulty of moving large quantities of anything is meant to be painful without a Sequer, or a fleet of them.

Logistics and supply become an important facet of keeping a corp equipped. There will probably be big money to be made from buy and sell orders at outposts, which gives industry characters another way to make a living, other than hugging Alpha terminals and mass producing.


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Open up your map. The 3 outer islands are pvp enabled. They are home to capturable outposts, better loot and assignments.

Either let us delete them from our beta accounts before the end of Ob to release them or put a flag system that requires you to tick a box next to Agent names you wish to hold onto.

Safegaurding against name stealing doesn't have to be so rigid.

I'm cornering the pimp game in Perpetuum. Vorgrim Scout Enterpise is going international, baby!