you shoudnt replace bug description with "fixed" (even once its fixed)

i cant remember what were those bugs that you now show as fixed

this lower the utility of your effort wink

lost 3 patents today and wasnt during a server shutdown

i still have a patent stuck  in the engineering slot at 0.0 time left smile

got a an error [error_PlantNotHarvestable] when trying to harvest a few triandlus plants with at least 63 units init

the sound and video effects of harvesters on the gargoyle stop after the first cycle

was notiecd on two differents bots/players

ive just tried that while harvesting and no strange message appeared


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devs response was very fast .. i really appreciate it  .ty wink


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dont know if this was already mentioned somewhere but atm the only terminal selling Gargoyles seems to be the Truhold-Markson Beta Terminal that is deep in one of the "not safe" islands..

it seems strange as any other industrial robots is sold everywhere with the only ecception Gargoyle (check argano, termis, laird)

also.. there seems to be no patent on market anywhere..

so is this made on pourpose to have industrial characters going across a not-safe zone with brand new undefended mechs? wink

looking for an answer as im ready to test one of those gargoyles

try to right click when you are in station.. this should give you a submenu where you can get a new arkhe (the noob bot).. dont know what could have happened to your waspish anyway


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i say a big HI to the Perpetuum ppl

im Alienstek (Understek for this beta pourpose), im an old italian fart and a complete sci-fi addict, i play online games since the '80s

my first mmo was Mankind a sort of an RTS online in space, a true sandbox without any kind of mission, where you just could explore, build, trade, and fight other peoples.. i played this while the game was under its original developer (a french company if im not wrong) for a few years

then i started waiting for Eve.. in the meantime i played a bit of Anarchy Online but didnt find myself in that kind of play.. doing "quest" was too boring for me..

finally i enter the beta in Eve (i thinks it was beta 4) since then i play EVE and now its like 7 years of play and counting wink

i never felt the need to find other mmo after Eve..

as i said i still play eve and, yes, i come form the Band of Brother (now iT) eve community (you can now start hate me if you want .. im used to eheh)

ive read about Perpetuum on my alliance forum and i was instantly intrigued by the idea that a new game was born with "eve in mind" and not, lets say, "wow"

now im happy to test this game and hope to see it grow smile

/end of file


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Meno wrote:

We are all subject to, and somewhat stunted by what we have experienced before, most of contemporary science has come about because it was inspired by the science fiction of the past. There is no way from getting away from it. As far as I'm concerned I love EVE, if this is like EVE but better/different then great! More power to it, less developers working on crappy games that are similar to games I hate.

quoted for truth

i will prefer eve-inspired games over wow-inspired games anytime, anywhere at any price!

so keep up with your good work (and fix material requirements info on patent/licenses wink