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Gremrod wrote:

I heard that skills do work on getting more out of a single tile.


Miner A: Beginning Skills - Will get X amount of ore from Tile X
Miner B: Advanced Skills - Will get > Miner A got, from the same Tile.

This would be true since the ore in the game that is in the ground has no set X amount in the tile.

Amount of ore in tile is specified by number of times you can mine from the tile, to be more precise. So bigger miner modules are also better getting more ore.


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Got mission to get some light rookie kernels and when I had all kernels I transferred all kernels to corp storage. After that mission had two entries to collect kernels one was at 5/5 another was at 0/0.

Perpetuum warcry

Warning link contains material not suitable to weak heart yarr

Fumen wrote:

Thanks for the replies. I hadn't realized anyone had implemented smart pathing. The question remains, though: could it be practically done in a game where the terrain can change from day to day? (ie blocks of trees move, terraforming chaning the terrain to passable/impassable, etc)

What I felt in Jade Dynasty pathfinding actually looks for impassable terrain. But in Perpetuum I don't think we have any "hard" impassable terrain (other than water?) since there is passable slope or too steep slope, which I think is the main cause of the problem making pathfinding work

I could say 4 mmos that have extreamly well made pathfinding systems where atlantica online only has poor pre made pathfinding. One has so good that it goes over "impassable" mountain areas since it finds passable routes in it lol

that is Jade Dynasty


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Selling snow. Buyer will get free NIC on each purchase

We are here to test the game thats why you wont get all stuff right now

Siddy wrote:


you got any idea what kind of tracking system that needs?

if ACs can intercept fire, they shuld have 0.001 hit dispersion....

Or just fire one hell lot of bullets to make it practically impossible not to hit them tongue


Siddy wrote:

This is not mechwarrior online

Since these missles are more likely image recognition/radar guidet, the flares do jack all.

you need AMS, like CWIS.

Adding such thing is going to screw missile balance.

Maybe make AC able to intercept incoming missile fire? Smaller missiles would be harder to hit but bigger missiles had more hp so small AC could have some problems bringing it down big_smile

Bambi wrote:

So, imho, missiles should fall and explode on the floor when they reach their max range.
Thus, causing maybe some area damage smile

I would guess its pain to implement in game with all agro and stuff big_smile


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Sinister wrote:

Light missile launcher (ammo: chemoactive compact missile): 4.6 dps
Light missile launcher (ammo: sonic compact missile): 5.3 dps

Medium missile launcher (ammo: chemoactive ballistic missile): 5 dps
Medium missile launcher (ammo: sonic compact missile): 8.5 dps.

Sonic compact missile damage does increase quite a lot, but what about chemoactive and the other similar missiles? 4.6 dps light, 5 dps medium, the dps is almost the same, i guess the only real advantage to medium missiles here is the greater range.

Perhaps i'll retract my statement about changing missile launcher cycle time, maybe a better idea would be to simply up the damage values on medium chemoactive ballistic missiles and the other similar missiles, increase their dps up to about 6, instead of the current 5. This sets the increase more in range with the other weapon types.

If we compare the 150m range and 350m range and their damages, we should get a bit different numbers though IMHO current DPS seems low when explosion size brings it even lower. Since we can actually swap missile types to close range or long range in middle of field it kind of makes balancing harder as guns are either long range or close range.

Also we should note that when your extensions grow up your damage with ballistic missiles grows a marginally more since they have more damage and RoF. I'd like to see some all 5lvl/10lvl extension stats *wink wink zoom wink* with missiles, although I would guess they still would seem poor compared to long ranged gun based weapons.

What I find fishy is that small guns all have more numerical paper DPS than ballistic missiles. While all long range guns have around 20% more numerical paper DPS than their small counter parts, so yeah as you stated ballistic missiles don't really seem that great when compared to other weapon types.

Also ballistic sonic missile has explo size of 7 and all others have 8 seems like there is some bug reporting to do lol

Ps. Would new topic for this be any good since this topic was initially about laser AP usage?

Medium ballistic sonic missile has explosion size of 7m while all others have 8m

edit. Or is this a feature since sonic missiles could be considered advanced ammo type and all ballistic missiles have same damage? smile


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Sinister wrote:

Out of all that trash you got one thing right. Medium missile dps is greater than light missile dps. Only by a tiny bit though. THEY ARE ALMOST THE SAME DPS.

Extensions, bonuses etc won't change the fact that light missiles do almost as much damage as mediums.


Ok lets get some facts shall we since you are unable to provide them?

No extensions:
Small Missile launcher and Medium missile launcher both have 100% damage modifier.

Small missile launcher has cycle time of 7.5s
Medium missile launcher has cycle time of 14.0s ( x1,87 more)

Small missiles have only one type of missiles so its quite easy to look at them
Compact Sonic missile 40 damage, 150m range, 4m explosion size

Medium missiles have both long range and close range which are usable with same launcher
Compact Sonic missile 120 damage 150m range, 10m explosion size
Ballistic Sonic missile 70 damage, 350m range, 7m explosion size

Now when we start comparing we really can see that light missiles and medium missiles seem to be almost same dps:
Small: 5,33DPS
Med Comp: 8,57DPS
Med Ballis: 5DPS

Since same ranged missiles only has roughly half more DPS its almost same for you right? This is of course without any extensions. With seismics we get a lot more variation and medium launchers get more bonus from RoF extensions since each 1% is larger number that gets reduced. Same happens for damages since 1% from 120 is 1,2 and 1% from 40 is 0,4, 10% from 120 is 12 and 10% from 40 is 4 etc etc.

Since you seem to see something that I fail to see, please show it instead of do your normal bashing posts.


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Sinister wrote:
Felicia wrote:

Or just remove all but one weapon and bot type type: problem solved

edit. Also remove all bots and leave just arkhe so bot bonuses wont hurt peoples little heads.

This contributed to balance discussion how?

Makes it easier for you since you fail to look at both robot bonuses and weapons at same time.

If waspish makes light missiler look strong problem is the bot not balance on missiles. On paper what ever extensions you have:
medium missile dps > light missile dps


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Shiva is a badass

It was funny to see some people did seem to think there would not be wipe lol


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Or just remove all but one weapon and bot type type: problem solved

edit. Also remove all bots and leave just arkhe so bot bonuses wont hurt peoples little heads.


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If I remember correctly some Dev stated somewhere that NPC AI will be rewriten once they have time since its quite basic on everything.

Also note that waspish is quite strange bot and has two damage bonuses RoF and Dmg, where RoF bonus really gives a lot more dps to missiles.


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http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … rping-etc/


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It seems my point did not come clear. the bug is this:

New posts/topics stay marked as "New post" (blue highlight) until certai ntime has elapsed.

It does not matter who makes the post. Its easiest to see it with your own posts since they are always brand new.


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Sinister wrote:

6x Prompt medium Gauss gun (DPS: 114.45, dispersion: 7.0, range 228+117m)
Core is depleted after ~10 minutes or so.

6x Thermodissector medium LCL laser (DPS: 97.54, dispersion: 5.6, range 247+130m)
Core is depleted after 132 seconds.

That doesn't seem close to balanced atall, 132 seconds vs 10 minutes ?.

Kind of ment this one here but since you are all about boohoo you must have missed it:

6x 5.5-Glipler medium EM-gun (DPS: 77.91, dispersion: 6.3, range 358+117m)
Core is depleted after 3 mins 40 secs.

6x Phisker 30PW medium HCL laser (DPS: 65.90, dispersion: 5.6, range 455+130m)
Core is depleted after 2 mins 25 secs.

2min 25 sec vs 3min 40 sec is somewhere balanced compared to other numbers wink

I tought this topic was about acc recharger vs medium acc aux

Dan wrote:

you can click any spot on the ground and use aproach button/shortcut

Which does not work as auto walk key. But anyway, This has been requested before.