Now that suppression is no longer 100% chance, we need an extension to make it work more of the time. Or better yet add it to an existing extension.

I'm just saying the diffence between a newb and a 6 month character is huge. The difference between a 2 month and 8 month is still large. It's not til you get to the 6 month/12 month gap that it's even close. As the game goes on and people start having huge EP pools, the newbs are going to get stommped into the ground. Meaning the game is very short sighted and isn't seeing the big picture. Time based progression is horribly flawed at it's core. Sure it has the bonus of taking out a grind, but the serious disadvantage of alienating new players to the point the game won't grow. Let's say there are 400 accounts they sold, 100 are alts. In a year only 100 of those people are still playing. Those that are left are obscenely stronger than any new player causing more people to leave. The model doesn't work.

9% at everything. 9% times #ofextensions. They are multiplicative.
Let's do some simple math, reality will vary of course.
Ok person A 5 pts in all extensions, person B 8 pts in all extensions
The bonuses vary between 1% and 5% per extension point, but to keep the math simple we will use 3%
Also for simplicity we will assume they are in the same mech with the same gear.
For one extension relevant to a fight.
roughly a 46% chance vs 54% chance.
But there are roughly 20 extensions relevant to a fight.
roughly a 2% chance vs 98% chance, this is only if they close
And that isn't even calculating the difference in gear there would likely be.
Basically you have no chance against a mech that:
locks on to you faster
locks on to you farther away
shoots farther
hits significantly harder
hits more accurately
has more hp
has more gear choices
has a speed advantage
has higher accumulator regen
If person B can keep at the right range (the difference in firing range), they will kill and never be hit.

You can be competitive in WoW pvp in 2 months. One month to level up plus one month honor grinding and raiding.

I'm fine with time based progression, if I'm starting with everyone else. I'm saying the game is going to have problems down the road when it takes newbs 6 months to get competitive. If I actually stay with this game for 2 years, I'll be one of those guys that sticks to pure combat and gets to 10s.

If you think a combat agent with all 8s is even close to a combat agent with all 5s your mistaken. The 8's guy will win 98% of the time.

I'm not pvping against people with 240k more EP than me. Perpetuum is going to hit a wall in a few months and they won't recover unless they are more newb friendly. I'm not saying a well organized guild of 50 couldn't come into the game in half a year and completely take over with a huge EP disadvantage. I'm talking about the guy with a few friends just looking for a fun mech game to play, they aren't going to stick around when them and their buddies are blown up by one guy who has been here since pre-release. I've been at both ends of the pvp food chain in other games. Neither one is really that fun to me anymore. When everyone is tightly grouped, it's a lot more interesting. I was considering EVE a year or so ago and chose not to play it for a similar reason.

Yeah that is completely fair. Have to graveyard zerg you to kill one of you. What were they thinking complaining about being 240k EP behind you?
Perpetuum better learn what competitive balance means and quick. Let me say it again cmpetitive balance.

Don't spend any until your mind is made up. You'll thank me later, when you reroll and didn't waste all your EP.

First I wanted to go missiles. But then I messed up and picked EM guns. So I tried out EM guns since it is beta. They are terrible about hitting the terrain. Even at less than 20m I still hit dirt too often. So then I tried missiles. They are so much better. I hardly ever hit terrain. I can hit things from much farther away. I tried lasers with no EP. Again I hit dirt too often. They need to change LOS rules. Too much hitting dirt with lasers and EM guns. No wonder half or more of the players are playing missile bots.
Top 6 combat characters IMO
1 missiles (they don't have to worry about hitting dirt)
2 EM E-war (strongest, but not aggressive enough for me)
3 missile/drain (still very strong)
4 laser E-war (would be second best, but too many missile users out there)
5 EM (no range, los is horrid, only reason they are better than laser is rock/paper/scissors)
6 laser (feel sorry for these guys, every missile mech out there will slaughter them)
Please fix LOS for EM and laser users, I'd say fully 25% of their shots are wasted on terrain. Add any lag/latency at all and they are fully terrain kitable by the other 4.


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I plan on taking 17 skills to 10. This takes aproximately 2 years to finish. A two month old character would be bug splatter in a 1v1 against a 2 year old. Now how many two month old characters does it take to kill a 2 year old? I'm guessing at least 4 with only 2 lost, 5 with one lost. Of course this is assuming the 2 year old is in a heavy mech with t4 gear and the 2 month olds are in assault robots with basic or t2 gear.

More color would be good. I tended to avoid drab colored areas in other games.

Do you like killing or endlessly looking at boring stuff? I wouldn't split your EP early, get good at one thing for the first couple months. This is a game of specialists. Hybrids are bad at everything for the first year, unless your doing two things that share a lot of skills.


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There are some starting guides in the guides and resources section. … perpetuum/ … perpetuum/

The first week is rather boring in beta. You need to stick to named drones for farming kernels. Without friends your just not strong enough to do the missions without taking serious risk until the second or third week.
If you do the pre-release, you get a month worth of EP. That is enough to make you a decent pilot.


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Saves you having to spec up accum regen extensions, more EP for damage.
As a missile mech I'll be farming laser mechs, so range doesn't really mean that much to me.

I'd also add that your "to hit" extension is very important; precision firing for turret users and missile guidance for missile users. Personally I value "to hit" right behind navigation, which is my first priority.

Newb friendly = retention. If you want more players you need to do something to help them. Games that aren't newb friendly historically do very poorly or die early deaths.

Was the Termis a closed beta guy with 250k+ EP and the other 3 guys from open beta? I could believe that and it shows that discrepancies in EP are that powerful.
I want a missile agent, sensor guy and a miner. That still leaves a lot of the game I wouldn't cover. I'm not paying for three accounts to do that.
All else being equal, the guy with 20% more EP spent on combat is going to win ~98% of the time.
When the game is 6-8 months along, sure you can spend some EP on other characters and not be gimped. If you start in the hole 2 months from not being in early release and messing up your first character, your going to be gimped for half a year.


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I'm talking pve grinding with my squad. I already have a squadmate who is tagging.

Please add more details to what an extension works for by listing the gear it works with. The vagueness in some of the optimized and economical extensions is frustrating. No one wants to put points into an extension then realize it didn't do what you thought it was going to. Also the weapon use extensions could take another read over, you shouldn't have to go to the message boards to figure out if an extension works for a certain weapon type. Example: critical hit extension. No where in the description does it say what weapons it works with. Target Analysis is a prereq and works with turrets and missiles, so you might be lead to assume it works with both, but it should say.
Seismics is another one that needs some clarification. It should say something like decreases explosion radius, doing more damage to targets with a hit size smaller than your explosion radius, but does nothing to targets larger than your explosion radius.

I'm all for giving players varied experiences while playing. This game only supports specialists, hybrids are terrible at everything. I don't see how giving everyone 3 characters with full EP each is game breaking. There are plenty that will do multiple accounts to stay ahead of the pack, it's unfair to the single account players. I believe in competitive balance and this game is lacking in that area.
You shouldn't be able to do everything, but being able to do only one thing before playing for ~8 months seems rediculous.
Everyone playing the game should have a full combat specced agent. So the only way you have marketeers, researchers, recyclers or miners is to have multiple accounts.
While supporting the game with multiple accounts sounds good, it is basically micropayments to drastically make yourself better in game.
Everyone has the response of join a corp, but still the people in the corps are going to want to do more than one thing and will have multiple accounts.
The people paying $30 a month will flat out dominate the players paying $10 a month. After many years into the game, sure everyone can spec everything. In the getting there, the part I enjoy, you won't be able to.
At the very least make the alts on the account get some EP. Maybe the second alt gets 1/2, third alt gets 1/3, etc.


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I like the way the waspish is set up much better than the other two assault mechs. The forced missile slots on the other two assault mechs just doesn't make much sense. You can equip the missile launchers with only 200 or so EP, but they don't do much damage.
With ~1 month of EP spent on reactor expansion, data processing, economical extensions and optimized extensions the waspish can equip 5 missile launchers, 3 tuners, armor repairer, light frame and a drainer. With that load out it's the best assault mech IMO.

Eventually you can get to 10 in everything. The problem is getting there and if you mess up, your going to be behind a lot. Roughly 8 months of spending EP on a combat agent and your "maxxed" for one type of robot. If your 2 months behind from making mistakes your at a serious disadvantage til you have your 8 months in.


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I'd say do one of each mission type and tell what you need to do during it. You could skip parts of missions like all the running around.

Bots can be replaced actively in game. EP points once spent can't be. You mess up on character generation, spend your EP, then realize you messed up your stats, you can't fix that.


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It would take more than twice as long to do different roles. Your stats will let you do the first thing pretty fast, but the second will take longer cause it costs more EP to do things you don't have the stats to do.
My example: 8 months to "max out" a combat agent, 12 months to "max out" mining after that. Where as a pure miner could "max out" in 8 months. Some of the skills carry over so it won't really take that long, but you get the gist of it.