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I can feel your pain...
Here is what helped me:
First keep in mind that this is the product of a very small independent company, and not a 100+ Million Dollar producton. And the exciting thing about this is, that you can be part of the evolution of the game. Your opinion can matter, you can help to shape the world.
Second: Get into a corporation. Working together toward a certain goal is much more fulfilling than beeing a lonesome wolve.
Third: Be curious, try out as many features as you can find. If you run out of money and ammunition, you can do i.e. transport assignments.

A sandbox type game may not appeal to everyone.
And nobody can guarantee you, that the game will lift off like a rocket after release. But there are a bunch of people that believe in the future of this game.


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The forthcoming wipe before launch will erase EPs, knowledge bases, items, NIC.

Character names can be used again if you use the same account after release that you used in beta.

Corporation names will also remain, but it will be connected to the CEO's reactivated account.

Heisst auf deutsch:
Vor dem Start des Spieles werden: EPs, Forschungsergebnisse, Gegenstände, NIC gelöscht.

Char-Namen können wieder verwendet werden, wenn du denselben Account wie in der Beta verwendest.

Corp-Namen werden weiterbestehen, aber an den Account des CEOs gebunden sein.


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I play perpetuum in window mode, with a 1280*1024 window (my screen resolution is higher).
But every time when I start the game the client window is maximized.
Is there a way to save the window dimension and position, so that I don't have to restore them manually every time the game starts?


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Oh well, I thougt the thread was dead...
Actually I'm still using liquidcore slugs, but I produce them by myself tongue
Noobish as I am, I still could not yed collect enough nic to buy me an arbalest, but I am working toward that goal.

Not knowing eve and it's contract system, I would suggest an extension of the assignment system. How about intra coporate assignments.
A corp needs 100k Titan, let us create 4 assignments with 25k. Every miner can grap one and will get the reward after completion.
Those assignments could be used for everything.


the drop-targets dissappear, when I try to drag a standard small mining module on my castel.
It seems strange to me, that I can equip a prometheus or an yagel with mining modules, but not a castel.

hat sich erledigt


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Update (it works again, sigh):
I made a second installation in another directory.
That runs perfectly.
Then I compared the two directories and found a discrepancy:
The working Perpetuum.gbf has a size of 812KB, while the buggy one has a size of 807 KB
Now after I had overwritten the buggy .gbf and .exe the game works again...

May be I accidently started the same perpetuum installation twice and both processes tried to patch simultaneously and this corrupted the game files...


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this morning, when I tried to login for the first time, the client terminated itself.
I tried to restart it, but now only an empty cmd windows appears for a 1 or 2 sec and the game terminates itself.
According to the main site the server status in online.
What is going on ?


obwohl ich neben Beruf und Familie nur wenig Zeit zum Spielen übrig habe (im Schnitt 5-6 Std/Woche) und die zahlreichen Probleme in Perpetuum sehr offensichtlich sind, finde ich das Spiel doch sehr spannend und interessant und würde ihm gern eine Chance bzw. etwas Support geben.

Daher suche ich eine deutschsprachige Corporation der ich mich anschliessen kann.

Ich habe mit der Open Beta begonnen und bin daher noch ein totaler Newbie. Mein Hauptschwerpunkt wird auf Kampf liegen, falls die Corp jedoch noch andere Rollen benötigt (z.B. Harvester/Miner) wäre ich bereit diese Rolle mit einem weiteren Account zu füllen (möchte jedoch nochmals auf mein begrenztes Zeitbudget hinweisen...)

Bitte meldet Euch falls ihr einen Perpetuum-Anfänger, wie mich aufnehmen möchtet.
Weitere Details würde ich dann gern ingame klären (btw. werde wohl erst wieder Freitag/Samstag zum spielen kommen...)

Reiss Wolf


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It seems strange to me, that nobody recommends to join a corporation.
You provide loot and protective services to them and receive in exchange ammo and better equip.


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unless the only price you see is the advertised one. I guess the range prices are only visible for the seller, not the buyer.


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What does PU mean and how does it convert into NIC?



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Nice ideas,

I would like to add: player created assignments.
* Your corporate is too small or too busy to protect your miner, why not hire a freelancer?
* Your coporate is in dire needs for more ore but all known areas are exhausted or to dangerous for you own people, why not hire a freelancer...
* ... I can imagine all kind of player created assignments...
Wouldn't it be funny if you could place a bounty assignment on a certain player :-)


this is also true für western europe.
I am not going to use a billing system (like paypal) where I have to give away confidential data (like my creditcard or my bank account).
If you can't offer Gametimecards I would suggest http://www.clickandbuy.com/WW_en/payment/index.html, where you can use an e-wallet.


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Dooh, you are further in the assignments than I am, so take everything I say with a little salt.
If I am not mistaken than a "Grunt" seems to be a Pellestial bot. They are weak against kinetic damage, may be you can change your ammo to that.

Do you know http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … -tutorial/Galahad's Combat Guide ? I recommend it.

According to http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … nce-sheet/NPC Build Reference Sheet you are fighting DPS bots. You would probably better fighting scouts (like:  Filch).

Hope that helps


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could you be a little bit more specific: What Bot are you using? What equipment/ammo do you have? What are your targets? What is the main problem - are you running out of accummualtor engergy, do you have not enough armor, do you engage to many enemies at once, ...? What is happening on the battlefield?


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I am one of those new players and will share my experience with you :-)

Beginners EP/Expectations on a timeline.

Day 1: I started with a day's worth of EP (1440) and my beginner bot. I played the tutorial missions until that one, where I had to mine something. I wanted to play in a combat oriented manner, not as as miner... I've got an Arkhe2 and ~100k NIC.

Day 2: I decided to drop the tutoral missions for now and went out for some hunting.
I killed drones for several hours. I had do buy ammo and my cash went down to about 20k NIC. I wanted to sell some loot but I could only place 2 offers in the market and nobody wanted to buy my stuff. Low on cash I decided to re-start the tutorial missions again. I did some mining, was bored to hell, did some further mining until I couldn't stand this any longer. By doing the tutorial I received a Nagel and went out for some hunting assignments

Day 3: My nagel was equipped with 4 Std. Autocannons and had to kill 1star servant filch (with missiles). I had a lot of fun doing this, because it was not too easy to fight against up to four npcs at the same time. I really liked that aspect of the game, but I had to buy ammo again, luckily someone bought my stuff and I had a whooping 200k NIC. I found some EM Guns for my Nagel, reverse engineered a slug-type and tried to manufacture my own ammo - only to find out, that buying the raw material is even more expensive than buying the ready made ammo. I went to the forum asking for advice (got advices from some nice guys  - thx).

Day 4: Trying to convince me to log in again. Mining is surely not so bad as I remember. May be harvesting is more interessting. May be someone will buy my stuff and I will be able to afford loosing a bot. May be I could do more of those "interessting" transportation missions, where I have to take 3 times the same route back and forth. I am not even dreaming of my next bot.

Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining, I'm still searching a way to make the game appealing for me. I read several dev statements in the forum that the game is pvp-centric. That would be perfectly fine for me (I played two years PVP in Warhammer online), but where is the PVP content here? In W.A.R. you could PVP from Level 1 on, there was (theoretically) no need to PVE at all. You got experience, money and loot from PVP.


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@ Blackomen: thx for the very generous offer, but I am testing this game and that would water down my experience.


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thx for the advice.
I did not realize that there is such a big cost difference between liquidcore (250.00 NIC) and incendiaries (72.00 NIC). This will reduce my defizit to almost null, but that is still not a good foundation for a business. I am still hesitating to refine my loot because after splitting up the things into commodities I will not see which parts give the most profit. But this is just a theory because I didn't make any profit ...
So thx again - I will try that.


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I have never played Eve or any other sandbox game but I had the impression that the "goal" of the game is to play whatever you want.
So I decided to play a mercenary - a combat oriented - char.
I played the tutorial missions until I got my Yagel.
It is currently equiped with 3 (my reactor could not support 4) Standard light EM-guns using small liquidcore slugs.

My problem is: My income is negative

For example:
I accept the "Narcissus File #1" Bounty hunting assignment.
Which gives 22500 NIC and 30 slugs.
The objective is to kill 10 servant filch.
I need about 28 slugs to kill one filch, that gives 280 slugs in total for all.
The market price of my slugs is 250.0 NIC which sums up to 70.000 NIC (280 * 250).
That leaves me with a defizit of about 50.000 NIC per Assignment.
I tried to sell the loot on the market, but to no avail - nobody seems to buy anything.
I tried to manfucture the ammo by myself only to find out that buying the raw-materials is even more expensive than buying the ready-made slugs.
Well I could mine/harvest all the materials by myself, but I purposefully decided to choose a combat oriented carreer, so this is a no-no for me.

What can I do?