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Read, learn, have a little patience. My bot will prolly start of industry and extraction focussed and I know combat will suffer for some time, build for your playstyle, if Perp keeps going right direction in time will have the EP for the combat stuff aswell.

Repecs are for the leet, fotm, gimme gimme gimme crowd.

Limited respec for the first coupla days from toon creation will save new players who really messed up but not those just trying to play the angles.


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This assumes the majority of players will want to join larger corps and pvp on the beta islands to use their larger industrial mechs.

Although the original idea about the changes to fields to prevent hoovering by big mechs on alpha islands made limited sense I feel this change would be more about limiting PvE players gameplay and providing Pvp players with the cannon fodder of solo mech drivers who do not want to join a large corp and fight