/signed too

as for the internal view or at least a full centered view without your robot.

I hope for this one : concept_shiva http://www.perpetuum-online.com/Media:Concept_art

and yes it's OUR sandbox.
you made it like WE want it to be cool

and for the OP, instance as to stay low, if present.
it creates pockets of players playing in different worlds instead of one big unique univers.
it kills interactions in a sandbox game, and more in a PVP/economical game.

ask to your corp
ask to a mercenary corporation wink
cry for help tongue

I think, you all need to review the definition of a Mech http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mecha and what you expect from this Game.
A Mech is not necessarly a human or legged robot, it's just a familiar view of it.
I feel in a mech even in the arkhe, just stronger or greater in a bigger one.
and the progression is just fine and strongly related to the background of the world.

i think you are looking for the Sequer assault robot.


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How everybody, who pretend to want PVP, joins M2S (I have nothing against them).
why don't you all, form a PVP corp to face them instead of joining them ?

i'm quite interresting to see the result and know your motivations.

good story lol lol Delos


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the DEV have say during the Q&A that it's on the road.
or maybe from another player.


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I greatly prefere a very restrictive local chat, like only the friendly (human) bots near you (ex : 300m).
but no bubble it's totally inapropriate in this game.
we are living in Mecha and we have only interactions through them and their interfaces.
the inhabitants of Nia are bots, not humans, so they don't have to speak.

we can see it as a very close radio frequency open to all (or just ally).


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/double post to up it wink

please do something for this for release or just after !
can we expect an answer from the DEV team about this ?
it's very frustrating and annoying.


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first of all : it's a beta !
so the market is not what it will be.

then you can do a alt character and do the tuto again to gain another set of bots.
the only real market drop is kernel, you can sells them for money at any time to npc (market npc).

the missions are not too hard if you equip your bot and upgrade your extensions wisely and of course fight using your abilities (kiting, retreat and fight back,...) and choose your target well.

for the rest enter in a corpo is more than recommended.

welcome in a sandbox game, welcome to Perpetuum !

personally I would prefer to see animals style Mecha like the one on the concept art.
maybe insectoid
hum remember of something..........about transfomachine tongue

sad news for the community in regards to GM stuff.
good news to know, you will be there at launch.

to the infinite and beyond cool

good idea !


will be great : a chart and stat preview before applying cool cool cool


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it happens to me on another game, which conflicted with my G25.
very weird to see the menu becoming crazy or see your toon move without you controlling it lol


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very good news cool

maybe Mark and Alexadar (and others ?) can work together to make the ultimate PerpetuumPlanner coolyarr!

and yes make it open, please.
I'm very interinsting to know the specs wink


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have you a wheel (like G25) or analogic input devices (like sim yoke) ?
if yes check the configuration or unplug it.


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good news to see organisation to (re)make a good perpetuumPlanner cool


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just display another window which display the ammo for the weapons you have like the modules window and then you just have to click on the ammo you want to load in all the weapon, the must have, the choice between the weapon to load ^^ (drag and drop from the ammo window to the modules window)

+1 for the display of the timer


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like many other thing, random brings interest and challenge.

random spawn points (with some constants), with random respawn time will be interesting.
you have to really track the ressources and organise freight.

like the idea of other ressources, but I'm sure it's in the pipe like many othre things.

no one is playing actively.

we, all, refrain ourselves till the release coolyarr

exept on the forum lol


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I obtained nothing by reclycling them, is it as expected ?