No there isn't. Currently neut/drain speced bots cover that role. (Trojar, and Ictus) As they give bonuses to both range and ammount drained/neuted respectively.


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Maynard Benaui wrote:
Blackomen wrote:

doesn't work like in eve

Yeah, it is much worse in here. EVE nano ships were awesome...

Only to those flying them, everyone else hated them.


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To be honest, I think it was the lower level content that needed more testing. Higher level content has been tested to death in CB.

I recently rolled a new alt to get a feel for launch.


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Grapes wrote:

Blackomen, don't mean to sound like a beggar, but does that offer stand as well for someone else? I'm not in desperate need of it at the moment, but if I'm short on change down the line; could I possibly contact you for some financial aid? If not, perfectly fine.

Meh, I'll throw you mil if you still need it. Sorry I didn't check back on this post in some time.


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Maynard Benaui wrote:
Neoxx wrote:

Should never be able to move a character onto another account with extra EP saved on it. EVER. not?

Come on, you can troll better than that. At least Siddy would meld it into a rant about social injustice and the iraq war somehow.

Wulvgar you practice necromancy?

While this thread is very very old, I would still like to see this implemented.


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Speed tanking currently consists of get high speeds in a light bot, fit evasion modules/suppressors and keep out of enemy firing range via kiting.

But no, it thankfully doesn't work like in eve. No nano-invulnerable bots here.


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How about... no character transfers at all? Just make it account transfer only, problem solved. Next problem?


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Good luck forming your alliance, hope to get some fights out of you after launch.


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Neoxx wrote:

Totally worth the necro.

Indeed. The thread always seemed to have ended prematurely.

A golden arkhe sounds like it would be a good idea. Not overpowering, yet still shows you were there.

Now the part others are going to argue over. Should it be closed beta participants only? Or should there be two different ones, one for closed beta, and one for open beta?

I don't care either way, I'm happy with the early access ep and week head start. I just wouldn't be "opposed" to a M2S color schemed bot. big_smile


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These points are all valid, and have been an issue for some time.

However I just wanted to point out that when you see a npc fire through a building. They arn't actually shooting you through it. They are missing the shot, and so the animation ignores the building. I too was surprised when during a pvp match with a DEV his autocannons were passing through the buildings. But it was simply the miss animations.


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Tell you what, last day of OB I'll give you one for free. If you haven't gotten one by then.


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Only people with accounts prior to OB got the 4 months of EP.

Would you have perfered they stuck with the original idea and let us all keep all the ep we had from closed beta? I think 5 weeks worth of ep is fine. Strong motivation for people to sub now rather than later. Not to mention do lots of multi-accounts like I'm doing. If Siddy was rich, I'd fear just how many alts he'd be getting.


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I'm going out on a limb here and saying... God help me... Maynard has one or two coughvalidcough points. I do believe higher drop rates will in fact hurt the market. As that means far less loot being removed from the game. Especially T4 loot. Which helps use up T1, T2, and T3 loot as well in it's production.

I agree that pvp should be a valid source of income, but there are better ways. How about having player bots drop a significant number of fragments? Or just making pvp conquest actually be worth a damn? Come on, we all know outpost control is more of a NIC sink than faucet, and is only really good for bragging rights. Can't even keep people out of your own damn outpost.

Anyway, point made. I would like to note however, M2S did sell a LOT of stuff pre-open beta. That's how I alone got over 7 billion NIC at the end. And did the whole takeover of the game's market that everyone complained about. We just are not selling anything in open because the wipe is so close.

Trust me, I have a whole account dedicated to nothing but market orders. M2S has every intention of destro... err... "helping" the market at launch. cool


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Maynard Benaui wrote:

Yeah, pretty lame offer...

And this is a prime example of why everyone disregards all your ideas/suggestions/mentally insane rambling. You can now return to your padded cell.

Keep in mind, those transport missions netting you 400k. Require a sequer to pull in that kind of cash. So your character has to be at the very least 4 days old. (From 0 ep) so as Alex said, it's poor income at that point.

Also doing those missions the way your likely doing it is a bad idea, in that your doing them for all three factions, and your standings are actually going down overall.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

If one man can considerably alter that number then it's a pretty bad system. It will balance out anyway the more people get to know the game.
That said I don't like to "play dirty" either.

Meh, it ain't great. Took me a few weeks, and many posts to get them votable. Even so, It was only a small(ish) number. And honestly, anyone can do it, with persistence.

Even so, if it helps get the game noticed, then I'll do it. As you know, I have no issues with playing dirty, in fact, I insist on it. yarr


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I was extremely happy to see the cost in us currency was lowered to $10. Made a few more accounts practical. So they got that extra $4 out of me anyway. And then some. tongue

I still can't quite make up my mind on how many to get, got 5 so far, but considering upto 7. I just don't want to pass up the opportunity for 40k ep down the road.

Going to be interesting seeing several hundred people all swarming the few arkhe spawns. I think we're going to need more drone npcs for launch. cool

Ok ok, funny as this may be, Gremrod is "NOT" Siddy. As he pointed out, he's far too good at spelling, grammar and punctuation to be Siddy. tongue


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Been making alt accounts and hyping it higher over the last week. I see it's working well. big_smile Let's see how many more it takes to reach #1.


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Hadouken wrote:
Alexander wrote:

No, just a big security risk.

Whats a security risk?  Using any method other then paypal? Like how most of the world operates?

Alex is correct actually. Paypal is by far one of the safer methods, as anyone attempting a scam through it finds it much more difficult, and it's also safer for the seller. Used it for 5 years myself since ebay. And I've had two situations where someone attempted to scam me, and I was not affected, thanks to paypal.

Not everyone loves it, but I sure do. (Even so, I still tie a secondary bank account to it with no more than $300 in it at any given time.)


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Don't worry, at launch it will be very different. Currently, those of us who want to build the market, have no desire to do so with the launch wipe coming soon.

I can assure you, I'll have buy/sell orders up for everything in the game within the first month. And at reasonable prices by month 2.

Your just in a beta phase with no real market.


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Larger = more powerful. Period.

The only reason they make larger weapons hit smaller targets less, is to allow for more carried groups. and to keep smaller bots useful (Not being one shotted) by the better players in bigger bots.

If a smaller bot could take down a bot of a larger class solo, then noone would leave the smaller bots. It's quite balanced atm, in that 2-3 smaller bots beat a larger one.

A balance of more players compensating for weaker equipment. Bigger bots give a feeling of progression, without it, the game loses 50% or more of it's ability to keep players.